Friday, January 25, 2008


The neighbors across the street have puppies that keep getting out into the front yard. We've admired from afar, out the windows, but this afternoon when we were outside, they came to visit us in our yard. And of course the girls want one. Hannah has wanted a dog for a long time, really since the loss of Wendy, Gramma and Papa's dog, which was her best furry friend. If puppies didn't turn into such big dogs, and dogs weren't so much work, and I wasn't the one who'd end up taking care of it, I'd take one of these puppies, they are the cutest! Their mother is a German Shepard, but the puppies look like black Labradors. The six puppies all have the same cute face.


Anonymous said...

Not all puppies turn into big dogs ~ and I am afraid we are going to be learning that first hand! The begging for a dog has worn us down, and the puppy is about 3 wks old right now. Should be fun!

Kim said...

Abby REALLY wants a dog too!