Sunday, April 18, 2010

Family Celebration

With Hannah being gone ON her birthday, and then her monthly girls club meeting on Friday night, and then yesterday's celebration at Medieval Times, it left this evening for a celebration with the family!

Gramma and Papa, Papa Steve, and Uncle Robbie and Auntie and McKenzie and Haylee came over for dinner. I served Hannah's favorite - spaghetti with Mizithra, in addition to the family spaghetti sauce. I also made a green salad and Pioneer Woman's Olive Bread. And I tried something new for dessert, mile high brownie pie! It was YUMMY! And jumbo cupcakes for the kids. I acquired a disc of photos from her field trip from my friend who went, and Steven converted it onto a DVD so that we could play the pictures and then Hannah narrated to the family what she did, what the pictures were about, etc. That was a lot of fun. She really loved spending the night aboard the ship and loves talking about it.

And that concludes this years' birthday celebration! She's officially double digits!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Celebrating at Medieval Times

I wasn't up throwing a big party for Hannah's birthday this year. But still wanted to do it up special since turning 10 is a milestone birthday. She chose to go to Medieval Times for her birthday and she got to bring along a friend, she chose Emma, who's been her BFF since birth, literally. We arrived ninety minutes before our showtime as directed to do when I made our reservations. We hung out in the lobby, looking at the horses, and all the souvenirs, and enjoying an expensive Pepsi that came in a collectors mug. :) Upon entering the castle, we learned we'd be cheering on the red and yellow knight and were given crowns to show where our loyalties laid.Once inside the castle arena we were seated. And we had great seats! We were on one of the sides that not only gave us view of everything going on, but we were also out of the direction of the dust of stopping horses, like last time we were at Medieval Times. We had a great time. The show was great, the food was great! And it was fun celebrating Hannah's birthday this way.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Turning 10 and an Overnight Field Trip

Our 'baby' girl turns double digits today! She's ten years old!!! And what better to spend a milestone of a birthday than an overnight field trip with her class. The school bus was scheduled to leave at 8:30 this morning and then off to the Pacific Coast where they would explore the tide pools and then board a Tall Ship mid afternoon, where they would become the crew and run the docked ship for the next sixteen hours.

The teacher chose four parents to accompany the class. And despite all my hardworking efforts in helping raise funds and working in the class for special events, I was not chosen. This is the first field trip I've never been allowed to go with the class, either on the bus, or follow behind in my own car. I'm totally relying on some of the parents on the trip for pictures and will hopefully share those once I get them.

Since she was to be away for her entire birthday, I wanted to make her day special. One of the things needed for the day was a packed sack lunch. I bought a pretty bag and wrote on it and packed her lunch in the pretty bag. Packing her favorites, and a special napkin, and a birthday card tucked in there as well. The other thing I did was made a batch of jumbo cupcakes and I decorated one cute and put it in a cupcake box I'd saved from a recent cupcake indulgence at a local cupcake shop. I also put a few matches and a candle in a baggie. And put all that into another paper bag and hand carried to a mommy friend who was going on the field trip. The plan was for her to present it to Hannah when they ate their lunch. Hannah had no idea!Hannah was so excited for today! She was up before 6:00 this morning and was dressed and had her hair done and ready to start the day long before the time she's normally dragging out of bed. She opened a few presents and then we had breakfast. Daddy made French Toast and we sang "Happy BIrthday".With her bag packed and her sleeping bag and extra blanket in a trash bag, we paraded across the black top to the place her class lines up. There was so much excitement in the air. The kids were ready and had a full day ahead of them. Hannah was chosen to be a "Mate". She was to be the person in charge of her crew of five other girls. She was very excited about this position and after getting the initial set of instructions from Ms. Harris, she was doing a great job of bossing leading her crew.The crews were lead in single line formation out through the school campus and to the front of the school were they stowed their gear beneath the yellow submarine and boarded the bus for their adventures. Quite a few of us Moms, and a couple Dads, stood until the very last minute and then waved our children off for an adventure they soon won't forget. It was difficult to put her on the bus and come home. Not being allowed to go with the class really stinks, but for reason it wasn't meant to be. A growing time for both of us I'm sure. This is the first time she's been away overnight with someone other than family or friends. I know the four parents with the kids, three of them I know fairly well. So for that I'm thankful.

And in this day and age of technology, I've already received a texted picture, and am staying updated through status updates on Facebook by the parents on the trip who are secretly updating. I've also already learned that they sang "Happy BIrthday" to her on the bus ride down. LOL. There's not been an update since before 2:00, which means they are now on the ship, and perhaps have had the 'law' laid down as to the fact there was no such technology in 1834, which is when the story they will re-enact takes place.

Hannah's Milestone of a birthday celebration will continue through the weekend, with a family trip to Medieval Times and a family dinner on Sunday night with her favorite meal!