Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Field Trip Cancelled

We received word today that the proposed trip to Washington DC for the 5th graders next May has been cancelled.

The principal wanted sixty kids committed to go, and sadly (but understandably due to the economic times) only 45 kids committed.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Music of the Movies

Yesterday, Hannah and I went on a Mother/Daughter afternoon of adventures with our family friend, Paula, and her daughter Amber. We started off at The Farmers Market in Los Angeles, wandering through the shops, eating a late lunch/early dinner, and enjoying the cool Saturday afternoon.

Our final destination was The Hollywood Bowl, where we had tickets to see John Williams and the LA Philharmonic presenting "The Music of the Movies". For those who don't know who John Williams is, he is the composer who did the music for such films as Jaws, all the Indiana Jones movies, and our family favorite - the Star Wars movies.We had perfect seats. Smack dab in the middle of the Bowl. We could see the screens well, and I'm sure no matter where you sat, the music was amazing. Of course, Mr. Williams saved the best for last. He ended the evening with his music from Indiana Jones and Star Wars, both in which Hannah was excited to hear. As soon as the Star Wars theme song started, HUNDREDS of light sabers in the audience were drawn (a sign of a true Star Wars nerd), and were waving back and forth. It was absolutely amazing! When Mr. Williams finished the piece of music and he turned around to the audience, his facial expression showed that of being stunned at the sea of red, green, and purple light sabers. It was even cool when two or three members of the LA Philharmonic drew their light sabers at the end of the musical piece. It was an amazing evening and we had a wonderful time with our friends. And I think it made Hannah all the more excited to start band this school year.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dentist Appointment

Both the girls had appointments with the dentist today. Hannah's appointment went well and had no cavities and even left with a tooth in hand! As the hygienist was flossing her teeth, her tooth that had been loose popped out! Not quite time to remove her spacer, but maybe next Spring, depending on how her teeth are falling out and coming in.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Learning to Cook

After returning home from church, it was a lazy afternoon in our household. We're currently experiencing an extreme heat wave and an afternoon of hibernation in the cool air conditioned house was a must.

It was also one of those nights where it was a hodge podge of things out of the fridge for dinner. The girls wanted Mac and Cheese, so what better time than now to teach Hannah how to make it! With a little help from Daddy, she made Mac and Cheese and it was yummy!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Possible Field Trip to Washington D.C.

This evening, there was a meeting for all the 5th grade families interested in a possible field trip to Washington D.C in the Spring. In 5th grade, history is United States History, and everything that they would see on this field trip would support their studies over this school year.

The cost of the trip is approximately $1600 and that includes airfare, hotel lodging, 15 meals, luxury motor coach buses for all the transporting for 6 days.

The places listed on the itinerary are everything historical and It would be a trip of a lifetime. I would LOVE to go with Hannah as I've never been to Washington DC and I LOVE U.S History. We would love to go as a family (well, we decided we'd leave Rachel home, she'd be bored) but that's a lot of money.

The final word as to it being a sure thing will be made in the next couple of weeks. Our school principal wants a little more than half of the 5th graders committed to the trip before we can book it. And with only a few fundraisers to have as a group, the rest of the funds will be up to the individual families to come up with...which is a lot for people in this economy.