Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday + No School = Sleepover and Disneyland

The girls had no school today, it was a teacher inservice or work day or something like that. Hannah's been hankering for some play time with her BFF so I arranged for her to spend the night last night and then go with us to Disneyland today (thanks to homeschooling, she was able to take today off of school!).

Taking Emma with us to Disneyland worked out great. Her and Hannah were able to go on some of the rides that Rachel either won't go on or isn't big enough for just yet. Rides that if it were just the three of us, Hannah would have missed out on. It was a great day at Disneyland. Very little crowds. Minimal wait times. Perfect weather. All in all a great day was had by all! :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Visiting Papa's Work Trip #2

A little over two years ago, we got to tour where my Dad works. The company had just opened a brand new muti-million dollar corporate office with the grocery warehouses built, not stocked, with more on the way. It was an interesting tour and Hannah loved visiting Papa's work.

The popular grocery chain has recently finished all their grocery warehouses and all are now stocked with food and thus, another Open House was held today and we got to go exploring once again. The dry grocery warehouse was fully stocked and the workers were working to pull orders for the trucks to take out to the stores. In addition to the dry groceries and the health and beauty warehouses, we got to visit the frozen and cold foods warehouse and the bakery, both which were in the process of being built at the time of our last tour.We got to wander through the corporate offices again. This is where Papa's office is. We visited Papa's cubicle and checked things out. He had pictures of the grand girlies proudly displayed and the digital frame we gave him for his birthday last year scrolling with more pictures of the family. I think the best part of the entire tour for the girls was visiting the section where they train the grocery checkers. Hannah loved scanning the groceries in the basket and pretending as though she really worked for the grocery chain!At the end of the tour, lunch was offered - BBQ'd hot dogs, California Pizza Kitchen, drinks, chips, and a visit by the Oscar Meyer Wiener-mobile!! Whoo Hoo!It was a fun tour and it's nice to get to see where Papa spends all of his time when he's not at home. With a Daddy that works from home, as well an Uncle, it's sometimes hard for Hannah and Rachel to comprehend what it means for a Dad/Papa to have to GO to work. LOL.