Monday, January 09, 2012

Casted in the Beauty and the Beast

Tonight, we had a parent meeting for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast whereas the official cast was announced and the girls each got their part.

Hannah was casted as an enchanted object that fits her perfectly for her tall and slender body...she's a knife!! The tallest knife!

There's no time to waste and measurements were taken tonight for costumes!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Spa Day

For Christmas, the girls each received a gift card for a Pedicure from Uncle Robbie and Auntie. What fun it was to learn that their cousins, McKenzie and Haylee, received gift cards in their stockings as well! So a spa day for the girlies was planned!

Auntie made the appointment and we showed up. The women working in the salon that day were so helpful and happy to see such four cute girlies having a spa day.At first, Hannah looked pretty uncomfortable. I told her to sit back and just relax and enjoy getting her feet worked on. Eventually she did, and she said she did like it after it was all done. This was her first professional pedicure. It was a fun day and a great Christmas present to get and then do with their cousins!

Monday, January 02, 2012

The Month of December

After months of after school rehearsals, Hannah's Choir performance was the second week of December. All the kids did a great job and the performance was amazing! The week after Hannah's choir performance, our school started auditions for the upcoming production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Our school has done major productions for the last four years, whereas you have to audition, etc. Hannah has never wanted to try out because of the fear of being rejected. A week or two prior to the auditions, a few Mom Friends from school convinced Hannah to come the week of auditions. Not going to get a part, but going to learn the dance and the song and to just have fun. And with that, Hannah agreed to audition. Upon coming home after the first day of auditions, Hannah was hooked and she WANTED a part. She began rehearsing the dance, etc. The kids were sent home a letter on Friday afternoon letting them know whether or not they'd made it. Hannah was very excited upon opening her letter to learn that she indeed did make the production!!! The show dates are April 12, 13, and 14th. Her birthday: April 15th!! She is one very excited girl (as excited as Hannah gets) and rehearsals will begin the week we return to school, January 9th.

There were 225 kids auditioning, only 85 were accepted.
Auditions were ran very professionally, each kid had a number.
We got a part!!!!!

The week of auditions was a very week for Hannah. Not only were there auditions everyday afterschool, but she received Student of the Month and was honored at the assembly. She had been working REALLY hard to achieve it this month. She was very proud, as were we. The very same day as the Student of the Month assembly was a 6th grade field trip to Medieval Times! I went as a parent chaperone for Hannah's class. My group was lucky enough to get the first row of seats for our school! So we had prime vision of all that was going on. Hannah loves Medieval Times and this time was no exception!When school let out on Friday, December 16th, it meant three weeks of Christmas vacation!! The next week leading up to Christmas found the girls spending two different nights with Gramma and Papa, as Mommy and Daddy had places to go to that required Papa and Gramma's overnight services with the girls. The week also included an all afternoon, into the evening trip to Disneyland with good friends whom we've been going to Disneyland with since the girls (my Hannah, and her Katie) were months old. On this particular day, we knew the parks were going to be crowded, but we dressed our kids in festive shirts and took advantage of the Christmas decor all about the Disneyland resort. This is just one of the many pictures we took that day and I love it!! We stayed late into the night, enjoyed the snow and the holiday fireworks and all the pretties of the season. Our Christmas was a good one. With Christmas falling on a Sunday, we had our usual Sunday morning church service, as well as a Christmas Eve service. The girls were so excited for Christmas this year they were practically bouncing off the walls the few days leading up to Christmas.
Both girls got Green Machines.
This picture is blurry of Hannah, but it shows her true expression of happiness, as she received a Special Edition Lord of the Rings PEZ Candy set and the movies on Blu Ray. The girl is obsessed with LOTR and Orlando Bloom. On Friday, December 30th, we took the girls into Hollywood to enter the lottery for discounted seats for WICKED at The Pantages. Steven and I had seen it the week before, and for months, Hannah has been subjected to listening to my soundtrack over and over and over again. And with the girls getting ready to embark of their own broadway-like production, we wanted them to see something big and spectacular. Long story short, we did see WICKED and Hannah LOVED it as much as I did the first time I saw it! She now has the soundtrack on her own iPod!On New Years Eve Day, because we had free tickets that expired that day, we went to the Long Beach Aquarium. It was a fun day and we enjoyed being able to go and see all of the beautiful sea creatures. Hannah loves the ocean and has officially decided she wants to do something with animals when she gets older. There's lots to look forward to as we start back to school next week...afterschool rehearsals will begin for Beauty and the Beast, Science Camp for four days in April, and then ultimately, it all ending with a 6th grade promotion ceremony and Hannah moving on to the next thing...JR HIGH!!!