Wednesday, August 30, 2006

School Fundraiser

Hannah's school started their Fall fundraiser today. It's a catalog of some great holiday gift wrap, kitchen accessories, and miscellaneous year round things, and chocolate candies!! What's really cool is that out of town family and friends can log on to the web site and order online and Hannah still gets the selling credit and can still earn prizes!

I've already sent an email to some people who might be interested. If someone is interested and you didn't get an email, please email me and I'll email you the information.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Girl Mania Party

The last of the weekend parties was to be held at Girl Mania, about 20 minutes from home, at an upscale outdoor mall.

Having done my research prior to today on thier website, I knew Hannah would be getting her hair done and makeup done. It wasn't until we were at the store and being greeted by the party planner that we learned what the girls were really in for! Not only did the girls get their hair done, and some eye glitter and glitter lip gloss, but they got to pick out $50 in merchandise in the store!!!....FREE!!! Well, free to us. After picking up a party brochure and scoping out the party packages, me and another mom figured out that the birthday girls' parents forked out $75 a girl for todays party. Yes, you read that right...$75 a girl, and there were 7 girls total!!!

Getting her hair done.

My beautiful girl from the front.

My beautiful girl from the back. Isn't her hair amazing?

After hair, makeup, and picking out an outfit, it was time to put the new outfit on. The girls then got on stage and were taught a dance which they did to music, and then they had a fashion show where each girl walked on stage, striked a pose, walked to the other side of the stage, striked another pose and walked back across and off. The girls all had a blast!!!

Hannah picked out the most adorable top, and then we found some jeans to go with it. We both were really happy with what she chose. In addition to the $50 gift certificate, the girls also got a cute T-shirt with the Girl Mania logo on it. All 7 of the girls had a great time.

The party girls. Hannah in her new outfit.

Hannah was so stinkin' cute with her hair done and her outfit that we stopped at church to show Daddy, and then to Gramma and Papa's to show them, and on the way home we quick stopped by a friends house to show her how girly girl cute she was. It's too bad we didn't have some place we needed to be tonight!

Hannah and the birthday girl.

She didn't want me to take her hair out before bed. She's hoping she'll wake up with it all still in tact. She was quite a sight when trying to figure out on to lay down without her hair touching the pillow. I just checked on her and she finally gave in and is sleeping on her side.

Needless to say, Hannah said she wanted her next birthday party to be here, and with the cheapest packages starting at $25 a child, for nothing special other than geting their hair and makeup done...the answer was 'No'. LOL.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Some Pictures to Share

Just sharing some pictures of Hannah taken today at Rachel's birthday party....

With Great Uncle Bart and Rachel

With Grandpa Steve

With Uncle Bart

With Gramie and Rachel

Friday, August 25, 2006

A Weekend of Parties!

One of Hannah's classmates had a birthday party this evening. The entire class was invited and most everyone showed!

The kids all had a great time playing with each other and being silly and goofy away from the school setting. It was nice for us parents too because these are the families that will be together for all of elementary school, unless someone switches tracks.
Tomorrow is Rachel's birthday party, and then on Sunday, Hannah has another classmates's birthday party to go to!

Student of the Month Assembly

This morning was the Student of the Month Assembly. It was short and sweet. Altogether, there were 14 students recognized for the month of August for our Track. Hannah shared Student of the Month for her class with Austin, a friend of the family. In addition to the special lunch of pizza and ice cream they got yesterday, there was a certificate inside the Student of the Month folder for a free session at the local skating rink!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Student of the Month!!!!

I was so proud and excited to find a Congratulatory letter in Hannah's folder this afternoon that she has been picked for Student of the Month in her class!!!!

She'll get a special lunch on Thursday, and then there will be an assembly on Friday morning to honor the students in front of their fellow schoolmates and parents where they will be presented a certificate by the principal!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Good Mornings with Hannah

Mornings are usually a struggle around here. It's usually a huge ordeal to get Hannah to eat breakfast, sometimes grumpy, and has an attitude that can land her in the naughty chair. Not exactly a nice way to start off the day.

Before school started in July, I came up with a star chart and titled it "Good Mornings with Hannah". She has only 5 things on her chart:

* Get dressed (this includes hair done and shoes on)
* Make Bed
* Eat Breakfast (without an attitude, etc)
* Brush Teeth
* Good Attitude

She started off with a few great days in a row, and then started not getting a star here, a star there. So we came to the agreement that if she could get 5 perfect days in a row she would get rewarded either with an outfit from Build a Bear or a DVD she's been wanting.

Finally, after weeks and weeks of trying, sometimes getting to day four and having to start all over, she finally acheived her 5 perfect days!!! She chose to get an outfit from Build a Bear, so off to the mall we went!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Time to Get Tough

Having gotten her wrist and shin guards tonight, she's ready to get tough!

Friday, August 11, 2006

VBS Comes to an End

Tonight marked the ending of this years' Vacation Bible School. Hannah has had such a wonderful time. And really did a great job with staying up late and then getting up the next morning for school. In years' past with our VBS, it's been on Sunday evenings in one of the facilities our church rents, which meant everything had to be torn down and packed up at the end of our evening. With VBS being in our Fellowship Hall this year, everything was able to be left up and decorated, which made it that much more fun. Everything was great....the decorations, the crafts, the games, and even the snacks, were all awesome! The kids that participated in VBS will be performing in church on Sunday, followed by a slide show of pictures taken during the week. Hannah has already mentioned how she can't wait for VBS next year!

Monday, August 07, 2006

A Busy Day

Hannah has had quite the busy day today. She had her normal school day, then Karate at 5:15, then Vacation Bible School from 6:45-8:30.

At Karate, they started sparring. They paired up with someone similar in size and practiced their punches and kicks on one another. Hannah did a great job and had a lot of fun when it came to being given permission to kick and punch someone. LOL. Our Vacation Bible School theme this year is Son Treasure Island. In the past couple of years, our VBS has been on Sunday nights for the course of the month of August, this year, VBS is being held at our church's Fellowship Hall and is able to meet for five nights in a row. The only downfall is that Hannah has school the next day. We're hoping she does okay. Her normal bedtime is 7:30p. LOL.