Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Parent Conference and Perfect Attendance

Last week was parent conferences at the school. The morning of our conferences we asked the girls if there was anything they wanted to tell us about school before we found out anything from their teachers. LOL. Hannah confessed to being worried about her grade in Math and that the teacher might tell us that she talks too much. And sure enough, when we met with Hannah's teacher, while she still has an excellent grade in Math, it has room to improve, but the teacher did say she was rather "chatty". LOL. Her report card showed 4 A's (Advanced) and 1 P (Proficient). So far she's having a great 5th grade school year and is doing rather nicely in her 5th/6th grade combination class.

This morning, was our school's perfect attendance assembly and once again, both our girls were recognized. In the intermediate grades they raffle off a $50 gift card as well as two $25 gift cards for EACH grade level, 4th-6th grade. Hannah won a $25.00 gift card and she chose it for Game Stop! It was nice to have both our girls be recognized and actually win something (Rachel won another bike!) because it's sometimes a challenge to get to school on time...everyday. Living five miles from the school and dealing with the stop and go freeway and sometimes congested side streets can pose a bit of a challenge everyday, cutting it really close a time or two. So it was nice that our efforts were rewarded! LOL.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Class Performance

Because the girls attend a school with an emphasis on visual and performing arts, every school year, their class is required to put on some sort of performance. For the last few years, several classes have come together to put on one huge show.

This year, fifteen classes participated, performing eleven different numbers. Some of the classes combined.

The dress rehearsal and performance for the rest of the school not in the performance was this morning. And this evening was the performance for parents and families was this evening. The place was packed and no doubt there had to have been over 600 people in the audience.

Steven was off today because we had the girls' parent/teacher conferences this afternoon, and because I needed to take some pictures of Hannah's class for our yearbook page, he came with me and watched the performance this morning as well as this evening.

There were classes that did African Folk Dances, a class that did The Charleston, a class that did a movement piece with a parachute, a movement piece to the theme music of Pirates of the Caribbean, and a few others. Hannah's class was the final act in the performance. Her class did a movement piece to Europe's "The Final Countdown".They did an amazing job!!! Even better this evening! Hannah alway loves being a part of performances like this, but still refuses to try out for any of the big productions our school offers. At the end of their piece this evening, she had a huge smile on her face, one we don't usually get to see as she has such a reserved personality.

These performances are always so good. So much time and energy and thought goes into them. Nothing makes a Mama prouder than to see one of her kids performing. Next Up: Rachel's Christmas performance next month! That outta be cute too!