Sunday, January 20, 2008

Disneyland with Friends

It's a holiday weekend and that means no school tomorrow for the kids, and no work for Amy, which also means staying late at Disneyland! The parks were busy because it was a holiday weekend, and there was a convention in one of the neighboring hotels. But despite the crowds, we had a great time and ended our day with seeing the Electrical Parade, something Amy hasn't seen in over a decade.

Inside the animation building at California Adventure, Hannah discovers which Disney character she is most like, turns out she is most like Dot this try, from A Bug's Life.Currently on display in the animation building is a tribute to Snow White and the 70th anniversary of it's release. This photo op was built in part of the celebration. Snow White has always been Hannah's favorite princess.
Disney's Electrical Parade only runs at certain times through the year, we were lucky enough to have it scheduled for this weekend. It's always a parade fun to watch.

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