Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thanking A Soldier

Hannah's school is in the middle of a "Sweets for Soldiers" drive, whereas we are collecting specific things on a list to send to the soldiers overseas for Valentines Day. Hannah expressed a huge desire to participate, so Thursday after school, we went to the local dollar store and loaded up on things from the list.

This evening, we were at a local fast food place and Hannah spotted a man in an Army uniform. She asked Daddy permission to go and thank the soldier for serving our country. And she did! The soldier thanked her and said he very much enjoyed serving our country.

I was talking to Hannah about how she got the idea, etc. And she said that Miss Barrett had explained to the class what soldiers do and the reasons for collecting these things on the list. She also said you should always get permission from your parents before talking to a soldier (I think she meant any stranger in general). At any rate, I was very proud of Hannah for her boldness and courage to do what she did.

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