Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some After Christmas Camping

This Christmas vacation has proved to be a busy one. With preparing for Christmas the first half of Hannah's vacation, we took up a part of her second week with camping, not too far from home.

We went to Vail Lake and camped with three other families from church, all whom had trailers and thankfully had extra beds that were offered to all of us as it was COLD at night. We took up the offer half way and put our girls in the trailers to sleep at night. And they enjoyed it, although Hannah said it didn't really feel like camping sleeping in a trailer. LOL. One of the families that went camping with us had their motorhome, which had satellite television. Hannah spent a lot of time in there with her friend Jen, watching movies and playing with their new DSi's they'd gotten for Christmas!Where we were camping, there was tons of grass and tree swings and even a miniature golf course. Hannah had a great time playing and hanging out. Of course, there was always good food to be had, like breakfast burritos and muffins from Costco one morning!It was a great time had by all. And Hannah seems to enjoy our camping trips!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas for Hannah proved to be a very good one this year, when it came to receiving presents. Just about everything she got on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was off of the list she made at Toys R Us a few weeks ago.

Four very excited little girlies on Christmas Eve.
The biggest gift she got was from us, a Nintendo DSi. She's been wanting one for a while, but when her cousin got one at the beginning of the month for her birthday, her desire for one became even stronger. LOL. Rachel also got one, as did Haylee, so on Christmas Day, once all the presents had been opened, the four girls disappeared into Hannah's room and we really didn't see much of them all day as they were chatting back and forth on their prized new possessions. She was also very excited to get a gift card for the clothing store, Justice. We went the day after Christmas and she picked out a purple pair of pants and a pink and purple shirt. She loves that store and I have a feeling that store will be one we check out frequently!Christmas 2009 is done and over with and all of her new things have found homes and places in her room, as well as thank you notes written and sent.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Play

Tonight, our church had a Christmas party whereas the kids put on a little Christmas play intertwined with a few songs. They've been practicing for a few weeks and they did such a great job!Hannah played the part of Mary! She's come a long way with her performance anxiety and it was great to have her take on such an important role, even if it was only two lines!

Making Tamales

In history, Hannah's class is currently learning about the California Missions. And as part of the learning, the class made cheese and chile tamales today in class in preparation for their Fiesta in class on Friday.
Just another example of how Hannah's teacher makes learning fun! And I was happy to be able to be a part of the learning process!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Making a List

Last year, we took the girls to Toys R Us and we wandered up and down every aisle, writing things down on a list. It worked out great last year, as we got to see what it was they wanted, we bought things off their list, and then were able to pass some ideas on to other people.

We made a trip to Toys R Us again this evening after dinner and Hannah didn't hold back at putting things on her list. Next step is to figure out what we want to get her off her list.