Wednesday, August 31, 2011

6th Grade

11 1/2 years old

Monday, August 01, 2011

First Day of 6th Grade

Today was the LAST first day of Elementary School for our Hannah. She's a 6th grader now!

Class lists were posted on this weekend. The excitement of getting the teacher we requested wore off rather quickly once she started looking over the list of her classmates. According to her, a lot of the boys are trouble. LOL. Poor girl, she was sick to her stomach for a few hours as a result of this stress factor.With the help of her visiting older cousin, her clothes were picked out, and her backpack was ready before going to bed last night. And after a short bout of frustration over starting 6th grade on crutches, she had a great morning.

First day of 6th grade.
FIrst day of Kindergarten.

Once on the school grounds, Hannah was stopped by numerous people, teachers, and parents inquiring about the crutches. Our principal even made his way to Hannah on the blacktop to express his concern. Despite the unfortunateness of being on crutches, she was happy to be back at school, with her friends. Being the mother of a 6th grader, I know there are limits now as to what I can do. So I didn't walk her to her class. I had her put her arms through her backpack and she walked herself with her class to their classroom. But it didn't stop me from snapping a picture of her in line. :) Upon pick up, she expressed she'd had a great day and it looks like Mrs. Herrera is going to be a great and fun teacher! And as for the troublesome boys in her class, it looks like the teacher can keep them in line!