Friday, July 31, 2009

"Look! No Cavities!"

It's been the week of dental appointments this week, all three of us girls have had our cleaning this week, I think Gramma even saw her dentist this week too!I was so relieved that Hannah checked out to have no cavities. Her spacer was loose on one side and they had to remove it, then scrape off all the old glue and then reapply. And she did well through all of it. Got instructed as to how to floss behind her spacer. But otherwise, her visit went well!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Indiana Hannah

When it was discovered that we were more than likely expecting a second girl, Steven was bound and determined that his girls would love Star Wars, and they do! We own half a dozen light sabers, multiple Jedi robes, Princess Leia honey buns, even a Darth Vadar costume. His plan was successful.

The other set of movies that Hannah enjoys is the Indiana Jones movies, don't worry, Daddy fast forwards through the scary parts. A couple of Saturdays ago, they watched all four of the Indiana Jones movies in a row. Hannah loves those adventure movies. So it came as no surprise that she wanted an Indiana Jones hat today after pooling some of her money from various sources together. She's so stinkin cute in her new hat, her new nickname is "Indiana Hannah".Edited to Add; I was informed this morning that she does not like that nick name. LOL. I thought it was extremely cute!

Edited to Add - 11:00am: She's digging on being called "Indiana Hannah" and is now fully in costume with her whip and wants me to take a new picture.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An Afternoon of Roller Skating

Grace and the girls had admission passes for one of the local skating rinks and invited us along this afternoon. All we had to pay for was skate rentals. Hannah has skated twice before. And after the end of our time today, I'm not sure if she cares to ever skate again. She didn't really have too much fun. It was a lot of work and she was fearful of falling. She did a lap around the rink and then we had her wheels tightened up, but that didn't help her confidence much, she never went back on the floor after that.

"Gramma would be proud, we've got helmets on!"
Maybe if we'd go more than once a year or every couple of years, she'd feel better about it. She did a good job, and hopefully will try it out again if we go on a bargain family night.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Yummy Breakfast

Hannah had her BFF spend the night last night and for breakfast this morning, their request - waffles with ice cream. I think I shocked them both when I said "okay!". LOL. They asked for it, and they got it, a waffle (it was whole wheat, does that count?), ice cream,and chocolate syrup. It got two thumbs up from everyone!There's a memory they won't soon forget!! LOL.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pismo Vacation 2009

Growing up, some of my favorite memories are from the vacations we used to take as a fmily. And I think the same thing would be said if you asked Hannah. She loves going to Pismo Beach and has been very excited for this trip ever since I told her I made reservations. She remembers our last trip, three years ago, and was very much looking forward to this trip. And now, sadly, it's behind us.

We made our way to Pismo Beach early Monday morning, waking the girls just enough to get them to the car, still in their pajamas with hopes of them going back to sleep. No such luck. LOL. It was a four hour drive and we left early in hopes of missing Monday morning traffic through Los Angeles. We succeeded and arrived to our destination shortly after 9:30, much to the surprise of our family already in vacation mode. We weren't able to check into our room until after 4:00, but that didn't stop the girls from having us dig their swimsuits out of our suitcases in the car and them going swimming. The girls must have swam for over an hour, and then it was time for lunch, so we walked to Downtown Pismo and had lunch and strolled about the shops and walked the pier. We then walked back to our hotel via the beach, stopping to swing on the swings on the beach. That evening we went to dinner at a family favorite hotspot and then it was back to our hotel for an evening swim.Tuesday was spent hanging around the hotel. We had lunch and dinner on the patio overlooking the ocean, the girls all played well with each other and kept themselves busy, they swam, and swam some more, went for an after dinner stroll on the beach, and slept really well that night. LOL. Wednesday we were late in getting going. With as dark as our room was, and as tired out as the girls got by the end of each day from all the playing in the fresh air and swimming just before bed, we slept in everyday until after 7:00. It was great! Late Wednesday morning, we headed down to the beach to build a sandcastle. The girls helped for a while, and then got bored with it, so Daddy finished off the castle while they played in the water and buried each other in the sand. The afternoon consisted of course with a swim in the pool and dinner on the patio and a trip up to the sundeck with Gramma. The sundeck is on the 4th floor of the building we were staying in and the views from up there are amazing on a clear day or night. Thursday was supposed to be the day that we all headed for home. However, Uncle Robbie's car had to be towed to a mechanic that morning and we extended our stay another day. Gramma and Papa headed for home that morning to the blazing heat that awaited them in Southern California.

Our Thursday morning we spent hanging out on Robbie and Grace's patio, bundled in jackets and pants no less. As the day went on, we played a round of cards on the patio while the girls all kept themselves busy with things I brought in my bag deemed "the Magic Mommy bag", all things I'd picked up over the months leading up to our trip, or things up in my closet bag that I pick up on clearance, etc. We went to dinner, and then Hannah and I went to the pier shops once again and enjoyed Thursday night's sunset from the pier. We also called home to Gramma and Papa and waved to them as they could see us on the webcam! Of course the day wouldn't be complete without an evening swim.The next morning we were up and dressed and packed. Our goal was to be on the road by 10:00, but after one last breakfast from the hotel, we were on the road shortly after 9:00. Hannah didn't want to leave, none of us did really, but we had already stayed an extra day and staying longer would you know, require more money. LOL. She was sweet when she offered to sell her Webkinz in order to stay longer, but in reality, all that would get us would be an extra hour or so. Once again, another great vacation and more memories made!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Free Slurpees

Today, is 7-11-09 and the 7-11 convenience stores are giving away slurpees in celebration of the date and their 82nd anniversary. The girls and I made a trip to our local 7-11. And then made another trip to another one! LOL. It was a great way to cool off on this blazing hot afternoon....even if only for a few minutes.