Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bates Nut Farm

This time every year, I like to go to the nearby pumpkin patch and enjoy the fall colors and the pumpkins and take advantage of getting some nice backdrops for pictures of the girls. This year, we ventured to a new pumpkin patch, Bates Nut Farm.It was a fun outing as we made it into a girls trip, going with our friend Paula, and Amy and her daughter, Bethany. The pumpkin patch is about an hour away, but when you have a car load of girls and their Mama's the drive made for a good time of conversation, and lots of giggles from the way back of the van.

Once we arrived to the Pumpkin Patch, we meandered by the many craft booths and into the couple of stores they had. Surprisingly, that took well over an hour and by then the girls were complaining they were hungry. So it was back to the car for our picnic lunches we'd packed. We decided rather than cart our stuff and try to find a picnic table, we set up right outside the car for the girls while the Mom's ate lunch sitting in the car. After lunch, we made our way to the enormous patch of pumpkins! They had all sorts of sizes and shapes and colors. By then, the sun started to make it's presence and made for some pretty pictures of my own pumpkins in the midst of the pumpkins. The sun only stayed out for that patch of time we were exploring the pumpkins and then it became cloudy and overcast once again. One of the things I really liked about this farm was that it offered packages. For $8.75, the girls got to take a tractor pulled hay ride, explore the straw maze, and bring home a nice size pumpkin! The girls enjoyed the hay ride and had a blast in the straw maze!Going to Bates Nut Farm was a fun adventure! We had a great day with our friends and it was nice to feel like we got away if only for the day!