Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dental Check Up

Both the girls had dental check ups today. Rachel's was this morning, and Hannah's was this afternoon. After the outcome of Rachel's appointment, I must say I was anxious for Hannah's results. I was praying all afternoon that she'd have no cavities. A mother can only take so much humiliation in a day.

They did a few normal X-rays, and then they did a full facial xray, which was totally cool to see done, not to mention how amazing the films were to see afterwards. Hannah had to stand up, and then this machine circled her head a full 360 degrees taking a full xray of her teeth! Wow! She then the cleaning and vitamin foam and then the exam from the dentist. Overall, her check up was great. Dentist gave a few tips on getting a couple areas cleaned better, the usual 'you need to floss lecture', and then we talked about the Xrays. The dentist started going over Hannah's teeth on the Xray, showing me which were still baby teeth, and showing me the adult teeth coming in beneath.

As she continued with the full facial xray, she herself was surprised, and this is where I became totally overwhelmed, when she said Hannah was missing not one permanent tooth, not two permanent teeth, but Hannah is missing THREE permanent teeth!!!! There are no adult teeth in the spots where they should be. The dentist reassured me that surprisingly missing teeth is common, and they just work with it. Sometimes because there is no adult tooth pressing its way and pushing that baby tooth out, then a lot of times the baby tooth doesn't fall out. Sometimes with the help of braces, they just squish everything together and make it work. Sometimes, if the baby tooth does fall out and there is nothing there to replace it, then they insert an implant. But for now, we're going to take extra special care of those baby teeth that don't have adult ones. We'll be going back in a couple of months to have some sealant placed on the teeth that need it replaced.

The other concern was some bottom adult teeth that are coming up at an angle. There is the potential problem for them to push a tooth out of the way, etc, etc. Our dentist suggested that we see the Orthodontist, and have them take a look at the xray to see if it warrants any action sooner, rather than later, etc.

Overall, her check up was good. Hannah said her appointment was 'fun', not how I would describe a trip to the dentist, but I'm glad she enjoyed it and it didn't stress her out. So we'll be back in a May for sealant, and then back in 6 months for a cleaning.

Crazy Hair Day

Today is Crazy Hair Day at Hannah's school. She said yesterday she wanted to particpate, so I told her to come up with how she wanted her hair, and we'd do it. She decided on one pig tail, and one braided pig tail...real crazy, I know. When we pulled up to school, she noticed it looked as though a lot of kids didn't participate. I'm betting when I pick her up this afternoon...her hair is no longer crazy how we made it look this morning, it'll just look undone and unbrushed. LOL.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick Day

Hannah has been fighting a cold the past couple of days, and last night was really bad. She complained her ear hurt, she was coughing, she was just plain miserable. So she said home from school today, her first absence this school year.

Having looked in her ears (I have an otoscope), thankfully I was able to get her an appointment with our Pediatrician this morning. We didn't have to wait too long to be put into a room, but once in a room, we waited for 45 minutes, very unlike our Pediatricians office. The girls didn't have any problem in entertaining themselves though. Rachel entertained herself by making silly faces in the mirror, and Hannah hummed, and sang, and made noises. Don't let this first picture fool you into thinking how terribly bad she must have felt, because right after I took this picture, she was laughing so hard and goofing off that she fell off the table. LOL. Hannah did infact have not one, but two ear infections. Her lungs were clear, so that was good. But she's on antibiotics and will need a recheck in a couple of weeks. When we left the room and made our way back to the waiting room, the waiting room was packed! And people were lined up to check in. I think just like us, most people were trying to just make it through the weekend and avoided going to Urgent Care. One things for sure, I was sure happy to have sat for 45 minutes in a room, rather than in the waiting room with all those other germie people and their kids!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Disneyland with Gramma

School holiday means trip to Disneyland! Gramma's pass is expiring in a week and she's not renewing at this time, so we took advantage of there being no school today and made a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.The girls received Disney gift cards, as well as DIsney Dollars for Christmas and they've been itching to go shopping. So that was one goal for today. The other thing the girls wanted to do was to work on their Pressed Pennies. They received a 'kit' for doing the Pressed Pennies at the Disneyland Resort complete with a souvenir display book, quarters, and pennies! Hannah chose to do a pressed quarter, but after two failed attempts at the same machine, loosing $2, we gave up on that machine. Thankfully, the nearby Cast Member knew the machine was acting up and replaced Hannah's $2. Hannah recently tried the Indiana Jones ride and loved it! She loves the movies, and loves playing the Indiana Jones Legos Game on the Wii. She really wanted an Indiana Jones whip for Christmas. LOL. It's pretty cool, it snaps and then plays the theme song when cracked correctly. Today, at Disneyland, the price tag said $32.95. Before Christmas, Target had them for $19.99. I found it on Target clearance yesterday for $4.98! Hannah is our little organizer, except for when it comes to her room. LOL. While in line to pay for our purchases, Hannah organized the magnets on the nearby display and groups them together. It was a busy day at Disneyland. Lots of people enjoying the beautiful day and the fact it was a day off for many. We didn't ride any rides today, unless you count the tram ride to and from the parking structure. But we accomplished our goals of shopping and pressed pennies. And at the end of our time, all of us were happy with our treasures!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Enjoying the Beautiful Weather

The Lord has blessed us with beautiful weekend weather. Having acquired a new bike from my brother, Steven hooked up the bike trailer, and got everyone's tires pumped and he and the girls went for a bike ride. This is the first time that Hannah rode her bike on a long bike ride. A bike ride that was just over 2 1/2 miles long. It's been a couple of years since Rachel has ridden in the bike trailer and she loved it! They especially enjoyed it when they stopped off at the park to play for a while.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

After School Treat

Often times on Tuesdays afternoon, Rachel goes with my Father-in-Law on his work route for a couple of hours. It gives Hannah some time to come home from school, do her homework in peace, and even unwind a bit, without the annoyance of a younger sister wanting all her attention, and someone to play with since she's been without her all day long.

Today when I picked up Hannah from school, since it was just the two of us, I took her for an after school treat...a trip to Dairy Queen. And since I'd been battling a horrendous tooth ache, I knew ice cream would be soothing. We ate our blizzards and enjoyed the (too warm) sunshine and talked about her school day.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Reading for Pizza

In Rachel's class, if at the end of the month, they meet the required amount of reading minutes, they earn a certificate towards a Pizza Hut Personal Pan pizza. Hannah has earned three thus far, and today after school, I thought it would be fun to see if the local Pizza Hut participates in the "Book It" reading program. They did! So we tried to redeem two of her coupons. They'd run out of personal pan size pizzas (Huh?? How's that possible) and made us a medium pizza instead! Works for me! I had planned on the girls having the pizza for an after school snack, but when Hannah discovered we were having fish for dinner, she opted to save the pizza for dinner, which is exactly what she did! LOL.