Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Week After the Accident

It's hard to believe that last night was a week since Hannah's accident. She's recovering nicely. Still not able to put much weight on her foot. I took the bandages off yesterday to take a look and to air out her leg for a while and her foot was still swollen and bruises are now coming to the surface.

We saw our Pediatrician on Tuesday morning for a follow up to the accident. He looked her over real good and gave us some prescription strength antibiotic cream to use on her abrasions. He also ordered a tetanus shot (they didn't give her one in the ER) and also included the whooping cough vaccine (now she won't need it next year prior to entering Jr High). He didn't even bother unwrapping her foot to look at it. He didn't want to disturb it as I told him it was pretty swollen on Saturday. We'll see him next week for follow up and if she still isn't bearing any weight on it, he'll take another Xray to see if a fracture or something could have surfaced.

On Wednesday morning, we saw our dentist. Because Hannah's upper lip became swollen almost immediately following the accident and it was bloody, there was some concern about her teeth. They checked her teeth in the ER to see if any were loose, but they still recommended we follow up with our dentist. So we did. She took an Xray of her upper teeth and checked her out really good and saw no cracks, chips, or trauma to her teeth. PTL!! Another great report!

As for the multiple abrasions Hannah has, we're keeping them moist with Neosporin and the new antibiotic cream from our Pediatrician. The scrapes on her face are almost gone! The tissue is pink where the scrapes were and we'll have to be really careful to keep sunscreen on her face. My Mom and I also picked up some light foundation coverup for her to wear once the tiny last scab comes off. Her shoulder and knee cap is pretty gnarly. But thankfully, most of the time, those are covered with clothes.

Last Thursday
Today, one week after the accident.
Tomorrow, it's looking like we will be going to Disneyland with our niece who is flying in tonight from Atlanta. Hannah is pretty stoked about getting a wheelchair and avoiding some of the lines for the more popular rides.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Riding in Style

The morning following Hannah's accident, there were lots of well wishers and people who stopped us out and about in the campground asking how Hannah was. The camp hosts who were directly involved in the aftermath of it all, also stopped by to check on Hannah. She was kinda a celebrity throughout the campground. Many people had witnessed the aftermath and saw the emergency vehicles enter and exit the campground.

Betty, our camp host, offered to take Hannah for a ride in her golf cart Thursday evening for a nighttime tour around the campground. She picked her up shortly after 9:00, gave her a volunteer vest to wear, and off they went for a tour.When Betty brought Hannah back to our campsite, she told us about a special wheelchair the campground had for going on the sand. So the next morning, Steven went and got it, free of charge. It was ours to use all day.It was perfect! We were able to get Hannah around much better than her using the crutches to get everywhere. We visited the camp store, Uncle Robbie's campsite, watched the dolphins playing off the shore from the cliffs and then in the afternoon, we hooked up one of the broken beach umbrellas in order to keep Hannah in the shade and went to the beach for our very last afternoon of our vacation.

Daddy and daughter on the beach.
One of my favorite pictures from the week.

The sand wheelchair worked out great for the day! Hannah enjoyed it and it helped her enjoy the last day of our time at the beach.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bike Accident While Camping

We are currently camping in San Diego County, at our favorite beach campground. We are with about forty friends and family.

Yesterday, my parents came down to visit for the day. My Dad took the day off from work and they packed their chairs, an ice chest, and set out to come see their kids and grandkids enjoying the great Pacific. Little did they know when they started out their day, how it would end.

We had just come up from being on the beach all afternoon. It was that time of the day when showers are taken, dinner is started, and campfires are built.

Hannah had decided to let Rachel go ahead of her for a shower. She got on her bike and went for a ride through the campground.

Minutes later, a friends son came running onto our site to get me. Telling me that Hannah had fallen off her bike. I went running...

About seven campsites down from ours, I found her laying in the middle of the street, her foot caught in her bike, her face bloody, multiple abrasions, and her crying. Saying how sorry she was that we'd have to spend money on her and that she'd ruined our vacation.

Thankfully some off duty firefighters and paramedics were camping in a site in front of where she'd fallen. They were able to begin assessing the situation - asking me to count her teeth, asking her a few questions, trying to free her foot that was trapped between the metal bar of her bike where the tire attaches and her wheel. They had to cut her foot free. They examined her helmet for dents, scratches, trauma.

So many people had gathered, our friends, our family, fellow campers, strangers. Eventually one of the off duty firefighters told everyone to go back to their campsite if they weren't medical professionals or the family.

Then sirens could be heard from PCH. I knew they were coming for Hannah.

A fire truck, followed by an ambulance, made their way down the narrow roadway of the campground. There were now uniformed medical professionals in addition to those who were there camping themselves.

First came the neck brace...

Then the backboard...

Then they taped her to the backboard. And lifted her to the gurney and then into the ambulance.

She had already started exhibiting signs of a concussion, but they weren't sure how serious of a head injury it was. It was 5:30 and smack dab in the middle of evening rush hour traffic. They debated taking her to the hospital just ten minutes away, or going the 25 minutes on the freeway to the local Children's Hospital. Because she was stable, they thought it best to make the trip to the trauma hospital.

It was a mad scramble to get my purse, our phones, Steven's wallet, clothes for Hannah (she was in her bathing suit), etc.

Our friends standing together, gathered together praying.

Steven went with Hannah, sitting in the front of the ambulance. I rode in my parents car, my Dad sticking to the back of the ambulance like glue through rush hour traffic. About 45 minutes later we were at the ER of San Diego Children's Hospital, a trauma hospital.

To make a long story short, a CT scan of the head was negative, foot xrays were negative for a break or fracture. A trauma blood panel was also drawn and it was negative.

Her diagnosis: a pretty bad concussion and a pretty badly sprained ankle.

There was discussion about possibly admitting her for observation. It took hours for her to come back around "to the here and now." She was on this constant loop every 5 minutes of asking the same things over again. "Did I loose teeth?" (her lip was swollen) "Am I gonna die?", "I'm sorry you're having to spend money on me" and then a new loop of things would come about 30-45 minutes later. It was really bad. Really, really bad.

I stepped out occassionally to update my parents in the waiting room. it was close to 10:00 when we discovered a McDonalds just around the corner from the ER waiting room. They'd been eating out of the vending machine for hours. LOL. After I returned from eating, which was only like 15 minutes, the difference in Hannah was like night and day. They'd hooked her up to some IV fluids as they thought maybe she was dehydrated from a day out in the sun, being sunburned, etc.

They did not keep her overnight. We were discharged shortly after midnight. She has her foot splinted and is on crutches. She has mutliple abrasions. But mostly surface.

We came back to the campground. And put her in our tent to sleep as we would need to check on her throughout the night. Rachel had already been taken to my brother's trailer and put to bed there.

At that point, it was well after 12:30am and my parents had an hour and a half drive home after an emotionally and stressful evening. Following behind an ambulance (although there were no sirens and lights for Hannah), as the result of a head injury was all too familiar for my parents. When my brother was 14 he fell off a skateboard (he was not wearing a helmet) and landed on his head, diagnosed with a basal skull fracture, and lost some hearing, smelling, and taste. Some in which he still has problems with to this day and he's 34. My parents safely arrived home around 2:30am. I made them call me when they got home. LOL.

We decided to continue our camping trip. One of her main concerns last night was the fact that she thought she'd ruined vacation and if we packed up and went home we'd only confirm that. She's doing amazingly well today. Taking it easy, sitting in the adults comfy recliner chairs, being waited on, playing games at the picnic table. We'd only be doing the same at home - sitting around, etc, so we thought we'd stay in the cool fresh air and continue our vacation. We are camping with a Registered Nurse, as well as a firefighter. So I had that comfort in the back of my head. Numerous people have come by our campsite to check on her, people stopping us in the street asking us about her, etc. The camp host came by and checked on her this morning as well. They are going to cart her around after dinner in their golf cart this evening and she's looking forward to that! After dinner we are also going to walk down to the campsite where the firefighters are and thank them and give them an update.

There's so many things we are thankful for today.

So many prayers answered.

So thankful we've always hounded our girls to wear helmets. It could have been a lot worse had she not been wearing it.....