Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Earning T.V. Time

Despite getting out of school last Thursday, with the weekend and then the Memorial Day holiday yesterday, today really was the start of Hannah's summer vacation.

Rather than let her watch television all day long for the next nine weeks, because that is what she would chose to do, she has to earn her TV time.

For every "X" amount of time that she reads, does her computer math game or money game, or her workbooks she brought home from school, then that is how much time she earns for watching television.

And while today is the first day of this adventure, she's done very well! So well, that she read an entire Magic Treehouse book!!

This afternoon, after picking up Rachel from preschool, we went into the downtown library and Hannah checked out four books to read. She read one this afternoon, and as I blog, she is on her bed reading, earning television time for tomorrow to add to her time she didn't use today!

The summer reading programs at both our local libraries start up June 14th, we'll go sign up for those programs when they start, but for now, we're keeping track of Hannah's reading...and so is she! LOL.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

First Adventure of Summer Vacation

"Hannah, you've just finished 2nd grade, where are you going???
"We're going to Disneyland!!"

What better way to start vacation than with a trip to Disneyland! When we were on the tram to the parks, Hannah said "It's been awhile since we've been here, that's so unlike us". It's been more weeks than I care to admit since we've been to The Happiest Place. And it was great to make a trip.

The weather was extremely weird today. At the beginning of the week we were hibernating and trying to stay cool with the 105 temps. Today, it was overcast, rainy, and we even had some tornadoes touch down not too far from here. Despite checking the weather before we left, and even calling Disneyland, there wasn't any rain forecasted. But once we walked through the gates, it started to POUR! We made our way into the covering of the train tunnel and dawned our rain ponchos (gotta love the dollar store!). We dodged the rain by sitting on a covered porch on Main Street for a while, going into the cartoon theater, and then making our way over to California Adventure and taking advantage of the Animation Building and seeing a show. When we were making our way back over to Disneyland in the late afternoon and it started to pour again, I had had enough and we made our way to the trams to the parking structure. I might have been able to tolerate it a little longer if the puddles hadn't have been so deep and the girls kept stepping in them and splashing. LOL. But it was a fun adventure to say the least and a great way to start our vacation!

Last Day of School

Hannah's 2nd grade school year is officially done! She's received her final report card and has been promoted to the 3rd grade!

Greeting this class for the last time.
What a difference ten months makes in the the kids' appearance.
This picture was taken this morning.
This picture taken on the first day of school, July 5, 2007.
Hannah jumped into 2nd grade last July, and today, on her final day of 2nd grade, she made a rocket ship because "they are blasting off to a new school year." Hannah has nine weeks of vacation before she starts a new school year the end of July. We've got lots of things we want to do, places we want to go, we have a camping trip planned, and a trip to Sea World in the works!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Art Gallery

Hannah came home yesterday with her art portfolio full of her art projects from the school year. The stuff inside is amazing!

I had this idea to put it all up in the living/dinning room, an art gallery showcasing all of Hannah's work. I thought if we did, we could then invite the Grandparents to come and see all of Hannah's creativeness. Gramie visited unexpectantly today, so Hannah and I quickly went to work hanging all of her work. She took Gramie on the tour and then after dinner she took Mommy and Daddy through the gallery. Hannah loved going from art work to art work talking about her work, what she used, how she did it.

Hannah's artwork will be on exhibit through the holiday weekend. All proceeds collected from this exhibit will go to further Hannah's interest in Art. :)

Year End Picnic

This morning was the year end class picnic! We were so blessed with much cooler temps then we've been experiencing, and it made for an enjoyable time. It was a morning filled with traditional picnic games and lunch and fun times. Each student brought a beach towel to sit on and their own sandwich and the rest of the lunch fixings were provided! The kids all appeared to have had a really fun time, one last time as second graders!
The three legged race. We were short one student, and a Mommy volunteered to partner up with Hannah. They won their leg and went on to compete for the grand prize, but lost.

The Kangaroo Race.

The cheering section, cheering on their competing classmates.

Taking time off from the games to enjoy lunch.

Finishing out our picnic with an egg relay.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

"I Miss Preschool"

Having fun with Jello and dye at the Preschool Open House.

Field Trip

Hannah's class went on a field trip today to the local Art Center and Museum and I was lucky enough to accompany the class on the bus thanks to Steven taking Rachel to preschool this morning. The bus ride, while very short, was fun. I was pretty amazed at how quiet the kids were. We were with another class, so that made for forty students and about ten adults that included the two teachers and all the parents that accompanied.Here, the bus driver gives all the rules and all the tips of how to get out of the bus in the event of an emergency. From the emergency doors on each side of the bus, to the emergency latches in the roof, to the "if you kick the wind sheilds of the bus hard enough, the windows will pop out." We arrived just a tad bit early. Which allowed for a great picture opportunity on the steps of the art center. Like any class function or event, the paparazzi were waiting with all their cameras. Now THAT would have made for a funny picture. LOL.Once inside the art center, we were greeted by a lady who read a story about an architect. The two classes were then split and went separate ways. After looking at a couple of face drawings, the kids were taught step by step how to draw a face. The kids were encouraged that everyone's artwork is different, and there is no right or wrong way. The kids had a lot of fun with this and some really were creative. We were fortunate enough to get to see an exhibit that ends today, it's called Canstruction. They were exhibits made completely out of cans of food. After the exhibit comes to a close, the food is donated. While all the exhibits were spectacular, this Dr Seuss was simply amazing, as was the display made to look like a diner. After a brief history of the architect who not only designed the museum, but also designed Hearst Castle, Julia Morgan, it was time to make our way back to the bus and head back to school, just in time for lunch!

Art on Display

Hannah currently has a piece of artwork on display at the school's Art Show! Pretty exciting!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Medieval Times

A few weeks ago, we got an email invitation from my Aunt Sandy for our entire side of my Dad's family to join together for Mother's Day at Medieval Times, her treat! Not only was she treating us, but she extended the offer to include the other Moms in our lives, so Gramie accompanied us, as did Grace's Mom! It really was a special treat.

Having not ever been to Medieval Times, we didn't know what to expect. But I did know there would be horses and that's all I needed to tell Hannah to get her excited. She'd been looking forward to going all week. And once there, she was mesmerized. She sat in awe and complete concentration through the entire show. Upon entering the castle, we were told we'd been cheering on the Blue Knight. We were given paper crowns and there were matching flags that could be purchased (thanks Aunt Judy!) to add to the fun and adventure of cheering our knight on. Our dinner came in courses. First was the Tomato Bisque soup with garlic bread. I was surprised, but Hannah kept saying how much she liked the soup! Next came half a slayed baby dragon, aka roasted chicken and a spare rib, with a potato wedge. There were no eating utensils, so everything had to be eaten with your hands. The final course was a very yummy apple pastry. Which Hannah did not want, but had no problem finding someone who did!While a lot of the show was the knights participating in tournament games, there was a story line to it, but I'm not sure how well Hannah followed it, I myself got lost in the opening scent when Rachel became frightened. The whole experience was a nice one, and very much appreciated. It was a fun and different way to spend Mother's Day. Hannah very much enjoyed this experience. So much so, she's expressed a desire to return for her 9th birthday!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Hannah's Mother Day Gift

Hannah has never been one to wait to give me any gifts she's made in school. This Mother's Day was no different. As soon as we were in the car this afternoon, she wanted me to open my present. I convinced her to at least let me open it once we got home.

Inside her pretty decorated bag, was this stand of flip cards. And in it, included different 'thank yous' and compliments. Accompanying each, was a picture.

For example:

* I was thanked for taking her to Disneyland - accompanied by a drawing of Tinkerbell flying over the castle

* I was told I was the best mom in the world - with a picture of her and me, her holding a sign that says "#1 Mom"

* I thanked for driving her to school - with a killer drawing of our van and me looking out the window

* I was thanked for making dinner - with a drawing of me at the stove

* I was told I was nice, pretty, and the best at crafts - all with accompanying drawings

There were a couple of times this afternoon and evening that I whipped out those handy dandy cards on my defense. LOL.

When she said I was mean - I showed her proof that she thought I was nice.

When she said I was unfair - showed her proof that she thought I was the best mom in the world.

Both times it got a chuckle out of her.

And after dinner was all gone, and low and behold it was a meal she liked, she whipped out the "thank you for making us dinner" card.

*** The roses I got to pick this evening when we were at Costco. ***

Sunday, May 04, 2008

March Airfest 2008

This afternoon, following church, we headed out to the local Air Reserve Base for the annual AirFest. Having had so much at the Edwards Airshow in October 2006, Hannah was a little more eager to go, especially when she knew we'd make it in time to see the U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds, something she was absolutely mesmerized by last time we saw them. After sitting in slow moving traffic for just about an hour, we were finally parked, a lot closer than we thought we'd be and made our way to the air strip. We met up with family and even ran into friends from church and even some other familiar faces from school. Fortunately, we made it in time to see what Mommy and Daddy had wanted to see, the flying demonstration of the F-22 Raptor. That demonstration was simply amazing. Amazing.We didn't have time this airshow to go and explore all the grounded planes. So we stayed in the same place and watched the other flying demonstrations, waiting until the grand finale act of the United States Air Force Thunderbirds. And then the time came, the pilots all walked to their jets and boarded. Soon they were moving into their position for take off. Once air bound, and having done just a few stunts, one of the thunderbirds was grounded due to technical difficulty. After a delay in the demonstration to prepare the 'spare' jet (who has a spare jet just sitting around?!??!) to fly and completing final flight checks, the jet was once again air bound and got into formation with the other jets and continued with their air demonstration. And just like the last time we saw them, Hannah was very impressed and very much enjoyed seeing them. Steven and I both love this picture of Hannah. It's a serious picture. It's a picture of her little mind working. Thinking. Perhaps even dreaming about what it would be like to fly. Perhaps our Hannah will someday be a pilot???Following the conclusion of the Thunderbird demonstration, the airshow was officially over and all the aircrafts that you could once board and explore earlier in the day were now closing and the grounds were being emptied, therefore we made our way to our car, which was thankfully parked nearby. Already we're talking about the next airshow we would like to attend in October in Miramar, California, where at that airshow we'd see something new and different, The Navy Blue Angels!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

A 50th Fiesta for Aunt Judy

This afternoon we went to a Mexican Fiesta for my Aunt Judy who is turning 50 on Monday, the 5th of May. What better way to celebrate than with a Mexican Fiesta theme complete with yummy fixings for tacos and burritos and of course a pinata, or two!

Hannah was in seventh heaven when she wandered into the backyard and found a tetherball and other girls her size to play against! She even played a game or two against Gramma. She loves playing tetherball at school.It wasn't long after everyone was finished eating that a pinata was brought out for the kids. All the kids had a chance at whacking the pinata. Take a look the huge smile my Cousin Kevin has on his face, he was having a ton of fun being in charge of the pinata rope. Every picture I have of the pinata, he has the biggest grin or is laughing. It was fun to see how much fun he was having with the kids. The pinata was ultimately broken by Aunt Judy and when it was busted, all sorts of yummy treats went flying. After the pinata and scooping up of the candy, we had cake and ice cream and Aunt Judy opened her presents. The last present she opened came from my Grandma. It was a pinata of her very own, that she could break, and only she was allowed to claim what came out of the pinata, it was her present afterall. Once Aunt Judy broke through the pinata, fifty brand new one dollar bills eventually came flying out along with some Over the Hill mints. It was a creative gift and went very nice with the theme.

We continued to hang out for a while, chatting with family, the girls playing. But once on the road, it wasn't long before we had two girls alseep in the backseat, worn out from playing so hard.