Friday, April 04, 2008

Skool Districk Speling

Every year, I must go to the school district in which we live and get permission to leave the school district. I then have to take that form to the school district in which her school belongs to and get the inter district transfer approved.

We got our approval letter in the mail today stating that the following conditions must be kept in order for our transfer to be valid:

* Satisfactory attendance as determined by the Site Administrator
* Satisfactory academic progress
* Satisfactory citizenship
* No falsification of information
* Furnish your own transpiration

Hannah has no problem in following the first four conditions. But that fourth one, "Furnish your own transpiration", might be a tough one as the definition of transpiration is 'the evaporation of water from the aerial parts of plants'.

Obviously it should have read we were to furnish our own transportation, but reading the letter, from the school district with such a spelling error really made me laugh. Someone obviously wasn't paying attention, or wasn't using spell check.

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