Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool's Day

This morning I was explaining to Hannah that today is the start of a new month, only 15 days til her birthday, 12 days until her tea party, etc, etc. I told her that today is also April's Fool Day. Not knowing what that means, I explained to her that people might try and play silly jokes on her all day long. You could tell she was trying to process that information.

So I went about getting breakfast around, getting into the refrigerator, when Hannah tells me I have a hole in my pants.My first thought was NO! That's not possible, I just bought these pants and I didn't remember snagging them on anything, etc.

I turned around to find Hannah with this huge ear to ear smile and her response, "April Fools".

The girl catches on fast!

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Kim said...

LOL...clever girl!