Tuesday, April 08, 2008

California State Testing

Today, at Hannah's school begins the 2 week course of California State Testing, aka "The Big Test" to the kids.

Despite it not affecting Hannah's grades on her report card next month, she is pretty nervous. I'm so thankful she has a teacher who is in tune to her kids and is aware of how much stress this test can cause for the kids. They have no homework for the next couple of weeks so their afternoons can be free and relaxing. She also is having parents bring in healthy snacks to give the kids just prior to taking the test. Today we are bringing sliced apples. She also told the kids they'd take a walk around the playground for fresh air when they need it.

Please be praying for Hannah and her classmates as they take this big test over the next few weeks that ultimately tells the state of California how our school is doing.


Kim said...

Bless her heart! I don't remember having tests for more than a day or two. Two weeks seems like cruel and unusual punishment for elementary school students.

Ryan is being tested next month (at our house), but he is clueless as far as being nervous goes. LOL.

Kim said...

While I was typing the first comment Abby was leaning over my shoulder looking at the picture saying, "That is Hannah! That is Hannah! I miss Hannah! I love Hannah! I wish they could come to our house sometime."

Just had to share! :D