Thursday, April 10, 2008

Conversations with Hannah

On the way home from school, Hannah usually asks what's for dinner. This way she can determine then if she's going to be hungry or not come the time dinner is done. Today, she asked her usual question, and most days I have an answer for her, but with getting things done and ready for her tea party on Saturday, I hadn't given dinner a thought as of yet. This is how our conversation went today:

H: "What's for dinner"

Mom: "I don't know yet"

H: "Can we have macaroni and cheese?"

Mom: "Probably not"

H: "You always get to choose what we eat for dinner!"

Mom: "I do the cooking, I get to decide what's for dinner."

H: "Nuh, uh."

Mom: "I make the menus (and once in a while I'll ask if there's anything anyone would like me to make), I do the grocery shopping, who do you think should get to decide what to cook?"

H: "Me"

She wasn't going to let this subject go, and there was no point in continuing to argue who decides what we eat for dinner.

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