Monday, June 14, 2010

Perfect Attendance

Today was a big day as far as recognizing perfect attendance goes. Hannah is one of ten students (out of 750+) in the school that has perfect attendance for the entire school year! Perfect attendance at our school means on time, everyday, all day. No tardies, or early dismissals count against you. And I am proud to say Hannah has perfect attendance for the school year!!!

To celebrate the accomplishment of the few who attained this achievement, a special lunch was given in their honor. They got to order WHATEVER they wanted from McDonalds and it was catered in (by yours truly) and they had lunch with the principal and assistant principal. Hannah really enjoyed that!
And then in the early afternoon, the perfect attendance assemblies were held and she was once again recognized with first the perfect attendance for the year, and then the perfect attendance for the trimester. Unlike last trimester, she did not get her name drawn for a gift card, but she did receive a trophy for her perfect year!


Kim said...

I meant to add a "Way to go, Mom!" to that last comment. LOL.

Kim said...

Perfect attendance for a whole year is amazing!

Though I think it's more to the parents' credit than the kids'. :)