Friday, March 12, 2010

Perfect Attendance Assembly

Our school started a new incentive program this last trimester in order to boost attendance, prompt arrival to school, and staying until the school day is finished.

Hannah had perfect attendance and was recognized at a special assembly today for grades 4-6. There were only twelve 4th graders out of hundred that were recognized.Every student who had perfect attendance this trimester received a certificate and coupons for the local fun park with miniature golf. And then the names of each student from each grade were placed into a bucket for a raffle of either a $50 American Express Gift Card, or two $25 Gift Cards. Each grade level had winners. They started with the 4th grade and Hannah was drawn for a $25 gift card!! She was so excited and of course already has plans to spend it on Legos! After school, we went to Dairy Queen with Gramma and celebrated the achievement with an ice cream cone and then the girls came home to find a special treat from Mom and Dad - the coolest Beach House Lego Set! The assembly was the perfect way to kick off vacation! We're officially off track until April 4th!!

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