Sunday, September 07, 2008

Project Playhouse

Project Playhouse currently have playhouses on tour at a nearby outdoor mall. These playhouses aren't just any playhouse, they are literally little houses complete with working electricity, some with televisions, open and closing windows, and one even had air conditioning. The money raised by these auctions go towards homeless shelters and housing people who don't have homes.

There were six houses on tour. You couldn't go in them because they will be up for auction at the end of the month, but doors were open and windows were open. These houses were amazing! They reminded me of the cool playhouse my Uncles built my cousins at a house they used to live at.

Emma was with us for the night and all three of the girls were in awe and loved seeing all the houses. It was fun and I'm glad we went and saw them while we had the chance. We even entered a raffle to win one. LOL.

This is the inside of the cabin.
This was my favorite.
This beach house is the one they are raffling away.

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