Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer Reading Program at the Library

Ever since Hannah got out of school at the end of May, one of our goals has been for her to read and not waste away everyday with TV or movies, etc. We've been waiting for the summer reading programs to start at our local libraries so that not only would she be earning television time, but some cool prizes as well.

The summer reading programs started two weeks ago at our local libraries and today was the first that we could get there and get signed up. We went to the downtown library, where it's the main library for the city with a bigger selection of books etc. Got Hannah signed up and some books checked out. Seeing how she was going to get credit at this library for her reading, I figured why not go to the little library in the city where we go to church, where Hannah goes to school, where Gramma and Papa live. Why not get double the prizes! This library, although little in size, the prizes are spread out a little more and are a little better. We arrived to this library just in time for story time and a craft. Both in which the girls loved and enjoyed. Anything to keep from going home where it's "boring". Needless to say, once it was time to come home for lunch, Hannah ended up reading a whole book this afternoon! We're hoping to go back to the library on Thursday to claim some prizes!

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