Friday, July 04, 2008

4th of July

We spent our 4th of July with church family this year. We were invited to the home of some people at church and it turned into a huge church event, with more than twenty families in attendance. It was a great afternoon of fun and fellowship.

Hannah had so much fun on the big inflatable slide as well as the little slip n slide. She had a bit of an accident coming down the slide one time, her nose hit the back of another little boys' head and she ended up with a bloody nose, but despite being a little sore and tender, all is fine. And it didn't stop her from going up the slide again!The house was absolutely beautiful, inside and out. It was perfect for hosting such a large event! There was a huge front yard where there was a small slip n slide and a volleyball net and one side of the driveway housed all the shade canopies lined up one right after another. Shade was a necessity to keep a little bit cooler in the 106 degrees heat that this afternoon brought.

It made Hannah's day when her good old friend Emma arrived.
Hannah also had the opportunity to play and hang out with a little girl who we know from church, but she also goes to Hannah's school. There's a big chance that Hannah and Hayley could end up in the same 3rd grade class come the end of the month and that would be awesome!At the end of the evening, once it was dark, there were fireworks and some kids did sparklers. Not remembering that fireworks were legal in the city we were in, I didn't pick up any sparklers for the girls to do. Hannah was bummed, But once we were home, Hannah went out back and watched the neighbors behind us do sparklers and a few other fireworks through our fence, and the neighbors so graciously gave us about six boxes of sparklers over the fence. So Hannah got to do sparklers all by herself! She had fun, and despite it being well after 10:00, she had the energy to do three boxes! We're saving the other boxes to do with Rachel, seeing how she was asleep and missed the fun!We had a great day! We're so blessed to be a part of a church where it's enjoyable to go to 'church' functions and look forward to spending time with friends.

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