Friday, June 27, 2008

Staying in a Hotel - Tuesday, June 24th

Hannah was excited to be spending the night in a hotel, she was even more excited when she found out her and Rachel had their own 'room'. We got a small suite with a sofa bed in the living room and a king size bed in the bedroom. At any rate, she thought it was pretty cool.

Not having a pool ourselves, it's always fun to go play in the pool, especially at night. It wasn't long after returning back from dinner that the girls had their suits on and they were ready to go for a swim!The girls woke up before we did, but they stayed in their bed and whispered amongst themselves for a bit. Which was surprising because at home, they have no problem coming in to our room and waking us up. LOL.We packed up. Got the backpack ready for SeaWorld and made our way down to breakfast, after that, we were on our way to SeaWorld!!

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