Friday, June 27, 2008

San Diego Zoo - Tuesday, June 24th

I must admit I was surprised that not once did Hannah sing her "I'm going to the zoo" class performance song on the way to the zoo. It's a song that the whole family has been singing and humming for months and I guess it finally made it's way out of everyones heads. LOL. We arrived to the zoo about mid morning and purchased our tickets for the zoo bus that takes you on a tour of the most popular animal exhibits of the zoo. The route was a little different this time as they are doing some major construction and making room for a new exhibit in 2009. Steven and I both think it'll be a good thing, they've taken out or combined the exhibit after exhibit of antelope and antelope-like animals as well as all the different types of gazelles. They're cute animals, but you can only take seeing so many of them. LOL. With it's new route, the bus takes you right past the panda exhibit and we got to see that the baby panda that was born last August was out on exhibit, so after our bus tour was over, we made our way back to see the baby panda before her time on exhibit was over.None of us really know this park like the back of our hand, therefore, we sometimes have to refer to the handy dandy map. We had to refer to the map constantly when we were at SeaWorld. Throughout the rest of the day, we made our way to favorite exhibits, as well as exploring an area of the zoo we've never gone to before. The area of the big turtles, a lizard exhibit, and indoor exhibits of frogs, lots of frogs. When we visited the elephants, the zookeepers had just finished placing their food throughout their exhibit. This elephant was fun to watch as he got trunk fulls of hay out of the barrel. At times he would spin it one way, and then another. It was pretty funny when an another elephant came over and was scooping up off the ground that the other elephant was dropping.The other exhibit that was a fun one to stop at was the meerkats. We are currently watching the second season of Meerkat Manor, a soap opera-like reality television show of a meerkat family on the African plains. It was fun to see the little critters up close and personal.We enjoyed our time at the zoo and stayed until the grounds were officially closing, and then it was time to head for our next adventure, finding our hotel!

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