Sunday, May 11, 2008

Medieval Times

A few weeks ago, we got an email invitation from my Aunt Sandy for our entire side of my Dad's family to join together for Mother's Day at Medieval Times, her treat! Not only was she treating us, but she extended the offer to include the other Moms in our lives, so Gramie accompanied us, as did Grace's Mom! It really was a special treat.

Having not ever been to Medieval Times, we didn't know what to expect. But I did know there would be horses and that's all I needed to tell Hannah to get her excited. She'd been looking forward to going all week. And once there, she was mesmerized. She sat in awe and complete concentration through the entire show. Upon entering the castle, we were told we'd been cheering on the Blue Knight. We were given paper crowns and there were matching flags that could be purchased (thanks Aunt Judy!) to add to the fun and adventure of cheering our knight on. Our dinner came in courses. First was the Tomato Bisque soup with garlic bread. I was surprised, but Hannah kept saying how much she liked the soup! Next came half a slayed baby dragon, aka roasted chicken and a spare rib, with a potato wedge. There were no eating utensils, so everything had to be eaten with your hands. The final course was a very yummy apple pastry. Which Hannah did not want, but had no problem finding someone who did!While a lot of the show was the knights participating in tournament games, there was a story line to it, but I'm not sure how well Hannah followed it, I myself got lost in the opening scent when Rachel became frightened. The whole experience was a nice one, and very much appreciated. It was a fun and different way to spend Mother's Day. Hannah very much enjoyed this experience. So much so, she's expressed a desire to return for her 9th birthday!!

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