Monday, March 03, 2008

Spring Pictures

Hannah came home from school today with her pictures that were taken just prior to going off track.

She's looking waaay too grown up these days and it's hard to believe our baby is going to be 8 next month!!!

It's a love/hate relationship when the pictures come out so good! Love that she turned out so stinkin cute, hate the fact the pictures are so expensive!


Debi said...

I HEAR YA!!! TRY HAVING TO PAY FOR 2 PACKAGES!!! Thats $90....OUCH!!!! Her picture looks sooo good! I especially like her hair, its just adorable!

Anonymous said...

her pic is adorable! I can see her little personality in that one. So sweet!

I know what you mean about the price though. I am hoping that the girls prechool pics don't turn out so well...LOL


Darcy said...

Debi - I probably won't buy the entire package as I liked the Fall pics. But even at three pages, it's still $36.

Grace - I purposely didn't put Rachel in anything too cutesy for Spring pics last week. Her Fall ones came out sooo stinkin good that I just want to dwell and love on those pics turning out so good. LOL. Which by the way, I still need to get you some of both the girls. LOL.

Diana said...

Great picture of Hannah! Isn't it amazing how fast they are growing up. I can't believe our "April 2000" babies are almost 8 already...where has the time gone????

Kim said...

That is a very sweet picture of her!

Melany aka Supermom said...

Oh wow! She DOES look very grown-up in that photo. Gosh...our kids are turning 8? You sure about that!?