Saturday, March 31, 2007

Karate Tournament

This afternoon was Hannah's Karate Tournament. Poor kid was so nervous and stressed out.

Yellow and Orange Belts warming up.
First competition was forms. She competed against about twenty other 4-6 year old boys and girls. She got up there and did the steps perfectly. She could have put a little more "oompf" into her punches and blocks, but otherwise she did an awesome job. Apparently the instructor judging the competition was having a little difficulty in deciding winners, so he had four kids come back up and do their forms again. Hannah was one of those kids. She started off even better than before, but somewhere in the middle of her form, she got confused and messed up. She had no idea why she was having to do her form for a second time. She had no idea she was just a smidgen away from placing and doing the form for a second time was going to determine who placed. You could tell she was dissappointed, but she held it together well. Next competition was sparring. She did another great job, but unfortunately the girl she sparred against scored the third point before Hannah, therefore the other girl won.

She's the one in the yellow helmet.
Hannah was presented her competition trophy and that was it, Hannah was done and we were able to leave. She had a rather large cheering section for her, and we all went to a early dinner at Hannah's place of choice...with the exception it wasn't McDonalds or Chuck E Cheese. She chose Applebees.


Kim said...

Great job for sticking with it, Hannah!

Ryan puts lots of "oomph" into his punches, but lacks the correct form!

Melany aka Supermom said...

WTG Hannah!!! They should have explained to the kids why they were coming back. She probably thought that she wasnt' "good enough" the first time round. She did well though...wtg girl ;)