Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve was spent at my Grandmother's house. The entire side of my Dad's side of the family gathers for a sit down dinner and gift exchange. As always the girls are happy to see their cousins. After dinner and clean up, the chairs are moved to make room for the massive gift exchange. Once again, our girls were blessed with so many great gifts. Hannah got a Razor scooter, a Tinkerbell doll, some new games, a gift card to Target, and some combined gifts with Rachel. One of the combined gifts being a great big box of books from my Aunt's classroom. That is a treasured gift as both the girls LOVE books!

About ten years ago, my uncle suprised the family when he had an activity for the family following the gift exchange, that year he had rented a Kareoke machine. That was fun, especially remembering back to my Grandfather singing. For the years to follow, Uncle John always just had an activity for after the gift exchange. It's been a year or two since he's done it and perhaps this years activity made up for it. LOL. He set up a 5 hold miniature golf course throughout my Grandmother's house. We divided up into teams and kept score and the team with the lowest overall score ended up winning gift certificates to go to the local minature golf course. Although it was getting late, and the kids were tired, we had a great time.

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Kim said...

Very cute picture of the four of them on the couch!