Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

Steven and I were hoping to sleep in just a little bit this morning as it was close to midnight before we got into bed. We thought that perhaps the girls would sleep just a bit longer seeing how they didn't go to bed til after eleven. Nope. Hannah was up at 6:20 raring to go and full of energy. This is the same girl who had to be dragged out of bed everyday last week for school. Hannah crawled into bed with us and we waited for Rachel to wake up...just after seven. Hannah finally was allowed to make her way to the family room where she discovered she'd gotten a new bike.
After discovering the most obvious present, her bike, we did our stockings and then opened the rest of the gifts under the Christmas tree from us, from Grandpa Steve, and from out of state aunts, uncles, and cousins. Shortly thereafter, our house became full of family and excitement when Haylee and McKenzie, Auntie and Uncle Robbie, Gramma and Papa, and Uncle Bart and Peggy came. More gifts were opened and then it was time to play. All the girls disappeared into Hannah's room to play with toys...not the new ones they had just gotten, but all the old toys. LOL. What a mess!

Hannah having discovered this was a real camera
from Gramma and Papa.

On her new scooter from Great Grandma.
The day continued with a nice Christmas dinner and in the afternoon family friends came for dessert. The day came to an end and we started finding homes for all our stuff and picking up and cleaning up after a great day.

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