Thursday, November 09, 2006

Parent/Teacher Conference

This afternoon was our Parent/Teacher Conference with Hannah's teacher. We had already gotten her report card when she went off track at the end of September, so we already knew how she was doing. But it was nice to go in and talk to her one on one.

Just as her report card had said, Hannah is doing extremely well academically. Above average in most everything, and the two areas she wasn't above average, she missed it by a few percentages. We were suprised at some of the things her teacher said she how much coins are worth! LOL. It's no wonder she's been going around collecting all the silver change she can find! LOL.

One of the things we were curious about, was whether or not Hannah was a problem when it came to talking in class, cause when she's home, she talks NONSTOP!!! As just as we suspected, she's perfect in class. In fact, Miss Pettit said she purposely places Hannah next to the known talkers cause she tells them to be quiet. LOL.

We left the conference very proud of Hannah. She was rewarded with an ICEE on the way home! :)

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