Friday, November 10, 2006

Disneyland On Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day, an American holiday for honoring war veterns. Government offices and most schools often are closed to observe this holiday. Hannah's school was no exception. So with it being a three day weekend, we made plans to go to Disneyland, meeting my Uncle Bart and his girlfriend Peggy. All three of us girls were really looking forward to going. As often as I go, there are still times that I get excited about going to Disneyland. I was excited about going today because it was the official kick off of the Christmas Season at Disneyland. The Christmas tree was up, the Christmas decorations were up, Christmas music playing, etc. This is my most favorite time of the year for going to Disneyland.

I LOVE this picture!
I would love to enclose it in our Christmas cards this year.
Upon arriving to the the Disneyland Resort this morning, it was BUSY. Cars were everywhere and it took extra time in getting into the parking structure and onto the tram. Once inside Disneyland, the crowds were even worse. We waited in line for Pirates of the Carribbean, and then headed over to Tom Sawyer Island. Both Hannah and Rachel had so much fun playing and exploring. Hannah enjoyed doing some exploring with Peggy and going into the caves. The crowds were simply getting unbearable, so we decided to go across the way to California Adventure in hopes of it being less crowded. While it was more bearable, it was still extremly crowded. As often as I go to the Parks, I've not seen California Adventure crowded like this in a few years. After spending some time inside California Adventure, we heard Cast Members telling each other that Disneyland had closed it's gates because it had reached full capacity! It's no wonder we were so miserable! We spent some time in Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. And just like Rachel, Hannah had a blast at all the climbing and running and exploring. We spent the remainder of our day inside California Adventure, constantly checking to see if they were yet allowing people back into DIsneyland, and they weren't. Even when we were heading for home at 7:00pm, Disneyland was still closed!
Despite the crowds, we had a great time today!

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Grace said...

I love D-land this time of year too!! Sounds like you guys had fun despite the crowds...I gotta get my pass renewed! It just expired!!