Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas Decorating

Thanksgiving has come and gone. And the next holiday approaching is Christmas. It's tradition in our house that the tree and Christmas decorations go up the weekend following Thanksgiving, and this year, I had quite the helpers. Hannah was is very excited for Christmas, or should I say the season of Christmas, she was so excited to get decorating and have the house be festive.

For the past several years, it's been her job to place the star atop our Christmas tree. Daddy tried to lift her high enough to get the star to the top, but Hannah has simply gotten too big, and too heavy to be lifted so high. This year the job was officially passed on to Rachel. Hannah placed the majority of the ornaments on the Christmas tree with a little direction from me. She did a great job and was quite pleased of her work. We finished up the decorating this afternoon. She was a great help in putting the finishing touches here and there, and offering her wisdom on decorating advice. LOL.

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