Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Week After the Accident

It's hard to believe that last night was a week since Hannah's accident. She's recovering nicely. Still not able to put much weight on her foot. I took the bandages off yesterday to take a look and to air out her leg for a while and her foot was still swollen and bruises are now coming to the surface.

We saw our Pediatrician on Tuesday morning for a follow up to the accident. He looked her over real good and gave us some prescription strength antibiotic cream to use on her abrasions. He also ordered a tetanus shot (they didn't give her one in the ER) and also included the whooping cough vaccine (now she won't need it next year prior to entering Jr High). He didn't even bother unwrapping her foot to look at it. He didn't want to disturb it as I told him it was pretty swollen on Saturday. We'll see him next week for follow up and if she still isn't bearing any weight on it, he'll take another Xray to see if a fracture or something could have surfaced.

On Wednesday morning, we saw our dentist. Because Hannah's upper lip became swollen almost immediately following the accident and it was bloody, there was some concern about her teeth. They checked her teeth in the ER to see if any were loose, but they still recommended we follow up with our dentist. So we did. She took an Xray of her upper teeth and checked her out really good and saw no cracks, chips, or trauma to her teeth. PTL!! Another great report!

As for the multiple abrasions Hannah has, we're keeping them moist with Neosporin and the new antibiotic cream from our Pediatrician. The scrapes on her face are almost gone! The tissue is pink where the scrapes were and we'll have to be really careful to keep sunscreen on her face. My Mom and I also picked up some light foundation coverup for her to wear once the tiny last scab comes off. Her shoulder and knee cap is pretty gnarly. But thankfully, most of the time, those are covered with clothes.

Last Thursday
Today, one week after the accident.
Tomorrow, it's looking like we will be going to Disneyland with our niece who is flying in tonight from Atlanta. Hannah is pretty stoked about getting a wheelchair and avoiding some of the lines for the more popular rides.

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