Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Disneyland with Family

We have out of state family visiting and today, we all went to Disneyland! The crowds weren't bad and we managed to get on a lot of rides, every single one of the big rides and many other favorites.

One of the fun things these days is that Hannah is old enough to go on rides by herself...for example on Autopia, she can drive a car on her own, or take younger passengers with her. So she and Abby rode together. Every single member of our family rode Autopia and it was so much fun racing side by side and stopping along the way to take pictures of each other, etc. Hannah tried a ride she has refused to go on for the last few years - Space Mountain. And she absolutely loved it, and can't wait to go on it again! Yipeee, Finally! We managed to get everyone on Big Thunder Mountain, everyone except for Rachel, which meant someone had to sit out with her, which Gramie offered to do. BTMRR is always a fun ride and it was fun to see how much Abby enjoyed it, and it was rather funny to see how much Ryan did not like it. He's not big on roller coaster and rides with dips. We must have spent over an hour on Tom Sawyer's Island. The kids loved all the caves and bridges and stuff there is to do over there. We spent a little bit of time in Critter Country, hanging out, waiting for the family to ride Splash Mountain. That's a ride neither Hannah or Rachel will yet try and Ryan wasn't having any of it either, so we sat and waited and enjoyed a sucker while waiting. The kids enjoyed watching the characters coming in and out of the backstage area and once our family rejoined us, the kids took a picture with Pooh. Early in the evening, Grandpa joined us for the remainder of the time that Disneyland was open. We managed to get in four rides with Grandpa and the teacups was one of them. I can't remember if that was a designated non spin cup or spinning cup. Each of us had our own preferences as to whether or not we wanted to make the cup spin and thus chose who were riding with based on that. LOL. We had a great day! It was so much fun spending the day at one of our favorite places with family from out of state. Both our girls did new things and are looking forward to going back and doing them again...and again!

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