Thursday, October 01, 2009

Field Trip to the Local Mountains

Hannah's class went on a field trip today to our local mountains to study an ecosystem they've been learning about in Science.

Due to budget cuts, we had to pay for our bus service which ended up only being $15.00 a person, and then the hike and exploring we did was free. But it was one of the best field trips I think I've been on.

We left the school shortly after the morning bell rang. Boarded the bus and were given an assignment to do on our way the mountains. It was a fun assignment! Ms. Harris had printed out a page of landmarks (certain off ramps, the A&W stand, city signs, elevation signs, etc, etc) to look for and then we had to put the time in which we drove past it. The kids really enjoyed this project and it kept them busy on our hour long bus ride.

Our first stop was Ponderosa Nature Trail. We walked/hiked the trail for a good hour, stopping along the trail to listen and learn. This was Ms. Harris' 25th year doing this field trip, so she knows her stuff. And she pointed out trees and things that used to be much smaller or have become damaged or even hit by lightening through the years. One of our stops along the path, Ms. Harris had the class find a spot and lie down. And for five minutes you had to listen and smell and breath the fresh pine air. And then we studied the things right around us. Showing the kids the layers of pine needles, leaves, the decomposers, etc. It was all very interesting. Our next stop was back down the mountain a ways, to Thurman Flats picnic area. We ate lunch here and used the restrooms and enjoyed the beautiful day some more. After lunch and a brief rest, we lined up and crossed a few streams and then a creek, all along the way stopping to pick wild blackberries. The kids really had fun doing this and found quite a few! I was so proud of Hannah, she not only picked a blackberry, but she ate it too! And liked it!

She almost fell in here, and was hesitant to give it another try,
but she did! And made it across the big creek.
We arrived back to school just minutes before the school day officially ended. It was a great field trip and I am so glad to have been able to have gone. The Lord blessed us with a beautiful Fall day, clear skies, and great weather.

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Kim said...

Sounds like a nice outing! I didn't even know blackberries grew in So. Cal.