Friday, May 29, 2009

Kid Swap!

This morning, my niece McKenzie was getting an award at school, so Rachel and I went and watched the little ceremony. Following the ceremony, we went to lunch with my brother and sister-in-law and it came down that Rachel would spend the night with them. Hannah has a birthday party to attend to on Saturday, so she was going to need to be home for that. Long story short, we kid swapped and I brought McKenzie home with me. We totally surprised Hannah when we picked her up from school this afternoon.

Once they realized it was just the two of them, the possibilities of what they would do all afternoon and into the evening were endless. It started off with a tea party and movie in Hannah's room. They also did some beading and did each others hair, etc. You know, 'older' girl stuff. After dinner, we went to a new park that opened recently a few miles from home. Whoa! What a park. We'll definitely be packing a lunch once or twice and having friends meet us at this park over summer break! After the park, a detour was made to Costco and a quick run into the grocery store and then home for ice cream and a little TV watching. By 9:00, both girls were nodding off, so off to bed they went, and by 9:30 the giggles and chatting stopped all of a sudden and they were out!!!Tomorrow morning, I'll be taking McKenzie home shortly after breakfast as Hannah has a birthday party to attend, but they'll be back late tomorrow afternoon for dinner and more fun!


Liz said...

Whoa....they have on jackets! Is it cool in the afternoon/evening there??

Darcy said...

It's probably getting into the low 60's in the early evenings. That's chilly to us So Californians! LOL.