Friday, December 05, 2008

We Went To Disneyland...

...this afternoon after school. We met up with long time friends Carolyn and her two kids, Katie and Matthew. When Hannah and Katie were babies (they are 3 months apart), Carolyn and I would pack the diaper bags and strollers and spend hours on end at Disneyland together, back in the good old days of practically being the only ones walking down Main Street. And now, here we are, our daughters both 8 years old and we each have had a second child, who are 6 months apart. Our goal for our time at the Merriest Place on Earth was to take in all the Christmas decorations and lights and magic of the season. It's a good thing we weren't too set on getting rides, because it was extremely crowded, as it was the last day for a lower level of annual passholders before they were blocked out for the remainder of the holiday season. We tried to get on Small World, but the line was way too long. We tried to view the parade, but there was absolutely no where to sit or stand that gave all four kids a great viewing. So we strolled about and spent some time playing in Toontown. We decided to stake out a spot on Main Street to watch the fireworks. We waited for well over an hour and as always we were not disappointed when it comes to Disney and fireworks. Following the holiday fireworks, it snows at Disneyland, and the girls had fun trying to catch the 'snow'.Anytime you plan to stay and watch the fireworks, it's a given that following the fireworks, there is a mass exodus of people down Main Street. And being it was so crowded, it was crazy packed! We finally made our way out to the trams and decided to just walk the half mile to the parking structure, the wait for the trams was going to be a long one, and both Rachel and Matthew were sound asleep in their strollers and we'd have to wake them to take them out of their strollers before boarding the tram, so we walked.

It was a crisp and cool night, and it was fun to bundle up and enjoy the season with longtime friends.

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Carolyn said...

Yes it was fun ~ we had a great time!!!!!