Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Looking at Christmas Lights

This evening, after dinner, we needed to pick up my desktop computer that has been in the repair shop. We were already half way to the a neighborhood in Rancho Cucamonga known for their breathtaking Christmas light displays. We're talking half a million dollar homes covered in lights, several streets, that draws probably thousands and thousands of people the month of December.

We got to the neighborhood about 7:00 and it wasn't too bad. Normally, we park a couple blocks away and bundle up and walk. But it's been extremely cold the last few days here in Southern California, and since the crowds weren't too bad for a weeknight, we got in line and went through the neighborhood in the comfort of our car. We had the windows rolled down so we could hear the music and commotion of the displays, but we had the heat on our feet, and the girls and I even had blankets on our laps. It's been a few years since we've made our way to see these lights. The last time was when both the girls in the double stroller, needless to say, Rachel didn't remember the lights and was very much excited by it all, which made it fun for us too. This house was deemed our favorite for this year (at least mine anyways), it wasn't decorated like this the last time we were here. But the backdrop is Cinderella's castle at Walk Disney World. And throughout the rest of the front yard there were lifesize mannequins of Disney Princesses with their Prince. There was a Cinderella carriage, pulled by fake horses, there was Alladdin and Jasmine on a carpet ride, Belle and the Beast, there was Captain Hook and Peter Pan dueling it out hanging from the second story eaves, Tinkerbell flying across the yard, and a few other Princesses. All the mannequins were covered in plastic (because of all our rain, I'm sure) so we didn't get the while magical feel, but it was an awesome display for this Disney family, to say the least!Viewing the lights from the car was really nice. LOL. We stayed a lot warmer than if we'd been walking, and inevitably, Rachel would have needed to be carried at some point, it was definitely a fun way to view the lights this year.

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