Thursday, August 07, 2008

Going on a Field Trip

Hannah came home from school on Wednesday afternoon with a permission slip for a field trip next week. I asked her where she could possibly be going that would tie into what she's already learned in her short 8 days of school. Turns out they are going to a museum in Santa Ana that has a special exhibit running through the first week of October.

Only one parent from each class will be allowed to join the class on the bus. The teacher said she will put the names of the parents wishing to go on the bus into a hat and draw one out to be fair. Other parents will be allowed to follow in their own vehicles, but once at the museum, they will have to pay the $25.00 to get in.

So, in anticipation of not getting picked, another mom and I were already talking about gathering a few other moms to pile into my van. We'd pay the $25.00 to get in and all chip in for gas and parking. We're all still too protective to send our babies off on a school bus 40 miles away without us. LOL.

Fast forwarding to this evening, I received an email from Hannah's teacher. And low and behold, my name was chosen out of the hat!! I have a spot on the school bus! AND I don't have to pay the $25.00 to get in as a result of me being a parent accompanying the class on the bus. Yahoo!

Forty miles one way on a school bus. Let's hope we get a bus with air conditioning.....

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