Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Day of School - The Drop Off

Once to school, you could feel the excitement through the halls. Although some of us parents are sad we've been split up. LOL. Hannah wasn't sad, she's pretty happy she has Julia. We made our way to Hannah's classroom and discovered it was open. She found her desk and then off to the playground we went in search of friends.It was after the visit to the classroom, and on our way to the playground that Hannah got a little nervous because of all the new and unknown faces in her class. Remember, this is the first time in the entire three years she's been going to school that the class has been split. With the exception of one or two students over the years, the rest of the twenty students have been exactly the same. They've gone through three school years together and have become such good friends, etc, etc. It's to be expected to be a little nervous. And quite honestly, I was surprised she wasn't nervous until this morning. Daddy was there to give her a little pep talk and to encourage her and then she was off to the playground. I'm sure she'll be fine.It's funny how almost half of her previous classmates had found their way to one another and gathered together. Talking, figuring out who is with who and what teacher, etc. In this picture, Hannah, Zierra, and Julia, the three girls who managed to be placed together. And boy, were they ever thankful!When the bell rang the teacher took the students that were in the classroom out to the blacktop to show them where it is they will line up, etc. We said our goodbyes and made our way to the car. But not without stopping and talking to parent friends first. :)

Hannah gets out at 2:15...details as to how her first day went later this evening.


Ms. Barrett said...

I guess this day was bound to come!! :) Good bye to MY second grader and hello to Miss Third grade Hannah. You are ready. I know you will have a wonderful year!

Catherine said...

I like your shirt. I hope you have a great year in third grade. I start third grade on August 27. I miss you a lot. I hope that you will make new friends.

Liz said...

Dang. I'm not even her mama & I have a tear running down my cheek! I'm such a stinkin' emotional sap. LOL