Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Camping at San Elijo State Beach Campground

We're becoming quite the camping family! This weekend was our third time camping in eight weeks! We had our weekend out at Lake Perris, then our Mammoth Camping trip, and now this one. All three trips have been different and we've camped with different groups of people. Each trip making memories in our camping adventures.

We arrived to the campground shortly after lunch on Thursday. And once to our site, Hannah helped unload the van some, but mostly she was interested in seeing what Parker was up to. The kids all managed to stay out of the way of unloading and then setting up camp and then it was time to head to the beach for the afternoon.

As Hannah gets older, she is building more and more courage. We were so proud of her for going into the ocean, and then for giving boogie boarding a try. She had so much in the water. Here she is with Parker. They were having so much fun, just look at the huge smiles on their faces.Thanks to Scott and his persistence and encouragement, Hannah surprised both Steven and myself when she willingly followed Scott out into the water with a board. She tried it and loved it! She kept at it for most of the remainder of our time on the beach. The rest of our Thursday evening was spent having dinner, chatting with our friends and the kids playing. Hannah went to bed pretty easy, of course she was pretty wiped out from all her surfer girl action. LOL.

Unfortunately, Hannah woke up Friday morning with a really bad neck ache. She mentioned it before going to bed the night before, but upon waking up, she was in tears. We chalked it up to all the action the afternoon before on the boogie board and her holding her head up out of the water. Eventually, later in the morning, after some Tylenol and Motrin, the pain subsided. We were up really early, thanks to the trains, and joined our friends in making a trip to the beach for beach combing of shells, and other things that had washed ashore in the night. We spent close to two hours on the beach and found a lot of nice little shells and rocks.After beach combing, the rest of Friday morning was spent sitting about the campsite, playing games. Hannah got along with all the kids so well, kids she's not used to hanging out with at that. She played the game of Life a couple of times and at other times, she was happy to just sit and watch. Friday afternoon, we were back down on the beach. It was a pretty uneventful afternoon as far as Hannah goes, she complained she was tired, and rather than cart her back up to the campsite, we laid out a blanket and she fell asleep for a couple of HOURS!!Friday evening was fun for the kids when Paula set up a movie theater once it got dark. The kids all sat in their camping chairs with popcorn and snacks and watched a movie appropriate for the beach, Finding Nemo! The outdoor movie theater came in handy both Friday and Saturday nights, it allowed the kids time to unwind and sit still and eventually fall asleep!Saturday morning it was overcast and chilly. We hung out around camp for the morning, the kids all playing games, and once the sun came out after lunch, it was down to the beach we went! This time Hannah went wave jumping and had a blast doing it. Now that I think of it, I'm really surprised she didn't complain about her legs hurting that night. She had so much fun and really loved jumping the waves.

All the kids on this weekends' camping adventure,
Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast. Hannah enjoyed sugared cereal, something she only gets when she is camping, or at Gramie's house. LOL. After one more walk on the beach, it was time to pack up camp and say our goodbyes to our friends. Uncle Bart only lived a mile from where we were camping, so we made prior arrangements to meet up with him for lunch. Being a camper himself, he knew how good a shower would be, and offered us his shower! It was so nice to get all the sand off the girls and wash their hair and into nice clean clothes. After that, we went to lunch and then for some ColdStone ice cream! It was a nice couple of hours with Uncle Bart.Hannah had a lot of fun camping this weekend. Both the girls are getting really good at camping and adjusting and making do. Course it helps when you camp with people who have trailers and hookup and portable DVD players.

Check out more of our camping pictures at San Elijo Camping, July 2008.

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