Saturday, July 12, 2008

Adventures in Hollywood

Today we drove into Los Angeles, Hollywood to be specific. We were going to the El Capitan to see WALL-E. We had tickets for the first showing at 10:00 and it was nice to get there before all the crazies were out on Hollywood Blvd. Although Hannah seems to enjoy spotting the crazy people dressed up as famous movie characters.After the movie, we grabbed some lunch and then headed off for more adventures. We had planned to visit the Griffith Observatory as you no longer have to have reservations and take a bus to the top, like the last time we went when it first reopened. When we arrived to the top of the hill, it was just as we had expected, there was no parking available, and people were parking along the sides of hillside and walking up. We decided to skip the observatory and went in search of something else to do. While we were driving through Griffith Park, we came across a place that offered horse riding. Hannah has this fascination with horses and was excited that she was going to ride one. We chose the Medium Horses for the girls to ride. The horses had this track that they walked or trotted around. Some stayed right behind the other horses, others trotted ahead and left more space between the horses. Walking slowly seemed to be more Hannah's speed.Because when the horse picked up speed (to trotting), when Hannah passed by me she was telling the horse to slow down. LOL. It was funny to see such opposite reactions between her and Rachel. When their ride came to an end, Gramie asked if the girls wanted to ride again, Rachel's answer was of course yes, while Hannah's response was "Nah". LOL. After Rachel taking one more ride on the ponies, we headed down to ride the miniature train, stopping to do a butterfly craft along the way.We had a fun day of adventures with Gramie in Hollywood, and like all good things, they must come to an end.

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Kim said...

That's a Medium Horse? looks tiny! That's so funny that she didn't want to ride again. Abby loves to ride also and we're hoping to ride our friends' again soon.

Looks like you had a fun day!