Thursday, April 24, 2008

School Days are Coming to an End...

It's so hard to believe that this time, four weeks from now, Hannah will have her 2nd grade school year behind her. Her last day of school is May 22. And then because her schools schedule is changing from a Four Track Year Round School to a Single Track School Schedule, Hannah will have nine weeks of summer vacation before beginning her third grade (gasp!) school year on July 30th.

While the new adventures lay ahead for Hannah in the coming school year are exciting, the teacher she has had this year has been absolutely amazing! All of us parents when we're together are so sad to see the school year coming to an end because our time with Miss Barrett will soon be over.

The Lord really blessed us this year with a wonderful teacher who not only loves her students, but has a real heart for the Lord. She's everything that we as Christian parents could have asked and prayed for. I've already been praying for the teacher Hannah will have in the coming school year, and while I know nothing is impossible for the Lord, I think getting a teacher as good as the one we've had this year could be a stretch.


Liz said... me out here. What exactly is a single track school schedule?

Darcy said...

Right now, there are four tracks, Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow. Only three tracks are in school at the same time, one track is always off.

When the school schedule changes in July, there no longer will be four tracks. Everyone will go to school the same time. Everyone will be off the same time.