Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And The Birthday Festivities Continue...

A couple of weeks ago, I had thought I'd make Hannah's birthday lunch a special one by bringing her lunch. Parents are allowed to come to school and have lunch with their kids, but it's something that I seldom do. So I joined Hannah for lunch today, bringing her her choice of McDonalds. And I sat at the table with her and the nineteen other 2nd graders in her class. Ahhh, what joy, what bliss, what commotion!! LOL. After we'd finished our lunch and we'd been excused by the lunch lady, we went to the playground where she showed me the area of the field where they've been collecting tons of ladybugs at recess and then I sat on a bench and watched her frolic and play with her friends and fellow classmates. She checked in with me a couple of times, but I mostly sat on the bench and observed. She's such a different person when she's at school. She noticed that on the tether ball courts, there was a competition going on between the 1st graders and the 2nd graders and said that was "so tight". Huh?? What'd she say?? Apparently 'tight' is a new word in kids' vocabulary. As if bringing her lunch wasn't enough, I came back to school just a little bit before school was dismissed and brought her class brownies. They were all thankful for the special treat and cheerfully sang "Happy Birthday" to Hannah.This evening, Gramma and Papa, Uncle Robbie and Auntie and the cousins came over for pizza and pizzookies. Hannah opened her birthday presents from us, and presents from Gramma and Papa. For some unknown reason, Hannah is fascinated with horses. She wants one, she talks about them all the time, she pretends she has one. And tonight, she got a set of horses for her very own!Ever since the first time we went to the home of one of her classmates, Hannah has wanted a white board, because her friend had one and together they played school. She must have told everyone who asked her what she wanted for Christmas and her birthday that she wanted a white board. She was most excited to open this and find that she got lots of pretty markers to go with it.I was really at a loss as to what to get Hannah this year for her birthday. Nothing jumped out at us when we went toy aisle looking. Knowing how much she loves crafts and to do crafty things, my mom suggested I fill a bag with all kinds of new things for her. I took my old caboodle, that had previously been given to her but was empty and filled it with colored pencils, a stapler, erasers, glue sticks, scotch tape, index cards, post it notes, scribble paper, an address book, just to name a few. All the little packages were individually wrapped which made it more fun to open everything. And just like Gramma said she would, Hannah LOVES the box!!After demonstrating her Tae Kwon Doe form that she will perform at her tournament on Saturday (thus the costume change), it was time for pizzookies!! And boy were they yummy!!The marathon days of celebrating have come to an end and the birthday celebrations for 2008 are now behind us!

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