Tuesday, April 29, 2008

8 Year Well Check

I took Hannah to see our Pediatrician today after school for her 8 year old well check up. The nurse took all her vitals, then tested her vision, which was 20/20, and did a simple hearing test, which was good. And then the doctor checked her over and said her weight, 68.9 lbs was just under the 90th percentile. And her height, which was 52 1/2 inches, is also just below the 90th percentile. Which also translates that she now meets all the height requirements for rides at Disneyland and California Adventure! LOL. Our pediatrician said she was just right proportionately. Everything else checked out great and she was only in need of one vaccination. When Hannah learned she indeed needed a shot, her happy face changed.But she was a real trooper, never even budged and later said it just felt like Rachel had pinched her!

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a portland granny said...

Is your Mom okay? She hasn't changed her blog in quite a while and I'm missing her neat blogs. I'm hoping this doesn't mean she is not well...hopefully just busy.

Your girls seem to be having lots of fun--birthday tea parties, etc. I've "met" your sister in law. she is about an hour away from me. I hope I get to meet her and the two kiddos this summer some time.

Tell your Mom I miss her blogs.