Monday, November 19, 2007

Day 2 with Friends

Hannah played hookie from school today so that she could join us in spending another day with our friends from out of state.

Throughout the day, Karen's husband and oldest son would join us and then go off and do their own exploring.

We did things in Disneyland and then mid-afternoon, we went back to their hotel where Hannah borrowed some shorts and a t-shirt and the kids went swimming. Paradise Pier has a really cool slide into their pool, I was so proud that Hannah gave it a try and actually liked it! So much so, that she did it over and over. After some time of hanging at the pool and relaxing, we cleaned up and headed into California Adventure for the remainder of our time together.

After much more fun, we soon had to say our goodbyes and we needed to head for home. It was a great two days of spending time with our friends, and we look forward to the time that we can all be together again...especially if it's at the Happiest Place on Earth! :)

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