Saturday, March 10, 2007

An Evening at California Adventure

We were suppose to be gone today to California Adventure with our friends and neighbors, but unfortunately one of the girls came down with a cold, so they opted not to go today. Hannah was pretty bummed because we'd been talking for the last two weeks what rides we'd go on, etc. She was really looking forward to going with her friend Emily. Today is the last Saturday we can go before being blocked out through the end of Summer, so we won't be able to go with them at all now.

Steven had a church project to work on, so the girls and I headed over to my parents house knowing that my Uncle was up doing working on a project. They knew we had had plans to be gone all day, but long story short, Uncle Bart was up for making an evening trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. So after his project was finished at my parents house, we headed to the Disneyland Resort.

We had a great time. Hannah loves hanging out with Uncle Bart and how goofy he can be with her. A perfect picture of her having an attitude. There are a few things at Disneyland and California Adventure that Hannah will not do, due to fear of the unknown, or something that used to be scarey. But until she tries things again, she won't know if she's still scared or not. The Muppets 3D show is one of those things. I can't tell you the last time we've been to see this show because Hannah was scared of the ending. We went and saw it tonight. She came out saying it "wasn't bad". But this picture is of her before the show and her "you're making do something I don't want to do" attitude. We had a great evening, and was really glad that Uncle Bart was spontaneous and had energy to go with us to California Adventure after having worked at Gramma and Papa's house most of the morning.


Diana in NC said...

I'm glad to hear that Trevor is not the only one who is afraid of the Muppets 3D! Except, he still won't go in it. lol

Kim said...

I recognize that looks exactly the same on Ryan! :D